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Recent Employment History (all freelance)
2012 - To date TVT compliance editing for clients UKTV, Scripps, Zone and Sky
2009 - 2014 ITV and ITV.com (trails and highlight packages for web and demand)
2012 - 2013 Signal TV (advertising and promotion)
2011 - 2012 Tilling Productions (corporate packages)
2010 - 2012 CNBC (financial packages and advertising for broadcast)

I'm very experienced in making almost every type of programme both as an offline and online editor. I've worked on a regular basis with many clients, producers and directors over the years, which I hope serves as a general reflection of my ability. I'm passionate and creative without being precious, fast, organized, polite, professional and friendly, and able to work both in collaboration or alone. I'm good with storytelling, shot selection, grading and sound, and very capable of taking most projects through from beginning to end.

I live in central London and I'm available to work out of hours. I've worked for a number of companies with shared resource facilities both on Mac, PC and combined (e.g. MTV, CNBC, ITV, TVT)

My daily rate is £250 - £300 per 10 hour day dependent on job type and days booked , but I'm open to doing deals on regular work and long projects.

Stuart Robertson

07900 674 362


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Cannon EOS tutorial DVD - Signal TV , United Kingdom
2014 - Editor (Offline)
Canon EOS: sections of 90 min DVD tutorial presented by four professional photographers demonstrating techniques for portrait and landscape photography.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Masterclass - Signal TV/ Future for XBox , Unspecified
2012 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
6 X competitive rounds played between 4 journalists from FM, Kerrang, Empire and Zoo to demonstrae and promote Call of Duty Black Op II online.

FA Cup highlights - ITV.com , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Online highlights of numerous FA Cup matches for ITV.com

Champions League highlights - ITV.com , Unspecified
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Numerous Champions League highlights for ITV.com and mobile content.

BP - Helios awards - Tilling Productions , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
3 X 90 second clips promoting the the role of nominated teams for BP's internal Helios awards.

The Only Way Is Essex - Series 2 - ITV PR , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
12 x promos of The Only Way Is Essex for online PR.

HSBC Alternative Investments - CNBC , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
5 minute clip promoting Whisky as an alternative investment.

HSBC Private Banking - CNBC , Unspecified
2010 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Online commercials 'HSBC Private Banking' for CNBC.

The Only Way Is Essex - ITV PR , Unspecified
2010 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
10 x promos of The Only Way Is Essex for online PR.

Qatar World Cup bid 2022 - CNBC , Unspecified
2010 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
News programme of the now successful Qatar World Cup bid 2022 for CNBC made with producer/presenter Alex de Jong.


Employment History

Employment History (freelance and permanent)
2012 - To date    TVT compliance editing
2009 - 2014        ITV and ITV.com  
                         (trails and highlight packages) 
2012 - 2013        Signal TV 
                         (advertising and promotions)
2011 - 2012        Tilling Productions
                         (corporate packages)
2008 - 2012        CNBC 
                         (fnancial packages and advertising for broadcast)      
2006 - 2007        New You, Media Trust/Red Bee
                         (promotion and trails)     
2005                  'R.E.M Live in Dublin'  offline
                         (90 min live concert)
2005                  R.E.M 'Electtron Blue' off/online
                         (pop promo)  
2004 - 2007        Effervescence/Factory
                         (music, commercials, promotional and corporate)
2004                  Mother London Advertising
                         (pitches and presentations)
2004                  'A Savage Life in Fashion'  
2002 - 2004        Various
                         (Pop Promos, Sizzles)
1987 - 2002        Edit Video Ltd permanent offline and online editor  
                         (music and corporate)


Technical Equipment


Premiere Pro CC
After FX (limited)
DVD Studio Pro


I worked with Stuart at Edit Video and therefore had no hesitation in recommending him to my current employer. As always, he is conscientious, quick and his edits are to the high standard expected here. Stuart is also a real team player, a great asset. 

540 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5RG, UK
T: +44 (0)20 3355 3355 F: +44 (0)20 3355 3356 M: +44 (0)
Web: www.tvt.biz Twitter: tvttweets

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