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I'm an award winning producer/director with a track record of making highly rated and critically acclaimed programmes for numerous broadcasters including BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4, Five, Sky 1, Nat Geo, Discovery, History, CNN and CBS. In the last five years I've worked for Raw TV, Blast Films, Dragonfly and Darlow Smithson making films with style, visual flair and gripping narratives. These include the feature length documentaries 'JFK: Seven Days That Made a President' (Nat Geo) 'Ten Ways to Kill bin Laden' and 'How Bruce Lee Changed the World' (History US) and episodes for Nat Geo's 'Breakout', 'Dangerous Persuasions' and 'Seconds From Disaster' strands. As well as writing, producing and directing dozens of documentaries I have also produced and directed US entertainment shows including the Peabody Award winning 'CNN Heroes', commercials and short films.


Autopsy: The Final Hours Of... (Reelz Channel)  - ITV Studios , USA
2016 - Producer/Director
I'm writing, producing and directing four episodes in this dramatised documentary series for the US channel, Reelz that examines the final hours of well-known people's lives. My episodes include Bruce Lee, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain.


Tim Howard: Uncompromising (Fox Sport) - Lavery Productions , USA
2015 - Director
I was brought in to direct the British filming for this revealing profile about Everton goalie, Tim Howard where he revealed his battle with Tourettes syndrome and how he has managed to overcome it.

Escape From Jonestown (Discovery)  - Raw TV , USA
2014 - Writer/Director
I was the writer and director of two films in this series for Discovery ID that explored what happens when people get involved with cults. The stories are told through intimate, first person accounts which I dramatized. I directed two stories about two people who managed to escape from the Jonestown massacre and one about the highest ranking member of the Church Of Scientology to have ever defected.

A Scientologist's Escape (Discovery) - Raw TV , USA
2014 - Writer/Director
I had access to the highest ranking Scientologist to defect from the organization and dramatized his story for National Geographic's 'Dangerous Persuasions' strand. It was the first time the activities of Scientology's Leader, David Miscavige had been exposed and was fraught with legal issues but made for a captivating story.

JFK: Seven Days That Made a President (Nat Geo) - Blast Films , United Kingdom
2013 - Director
I directed this feature length dramatised documentary for the National Geographic Channel which focused on the key days in JFK's life. Made to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his assassination it stars Adam Astill as JFK and uses extensive dramatic reconstructions plus interviews with contemporaries, family and friends.

Breakout: The Real McGuyver (Nat Geo)  - Raw Television , USA
2012 - Writer/Director
I directed two episodes of the National Geographic prison escape series 'Breakout' for Raw TV. These drama docs are created using the prisoners own words to recount their escape and the subsequent manhunt that led to their recapture.

Terror at Sea: the Sinking of the Concordia (Channel 4) - Dragonfly Film and Television Productions , United Kingdom
2012 - Director
I was brought in to direct the dramatic reconstructions for this documentary that examined the causes and consequences of the cruise ship capsizing off the coast of Italy.

Seconds From Disaster (Nat Geo) - Darlow Smithson , United Kingdom
2011 - Director
I was brought in to direct the drama for four of the programmes in National Geographics 'Seconds From Disaster' series...the Waco siege, Fukushima, the Paddington rail crash and the Cavelese cable car disaster. They were demanding shoots involving large sets, numerous actors and extras and special effects.

10 Ways To Kill Bin Laden (History US)  - October Films , USA
2010 - Producer/Director
I was the writer and director of this feature length dramatised documentary for the History Channel US about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

The Bourne Identity: the True Story (Smithsonian Channel) - Blink Films , USA
2009 - Producer/Director
I produced and directed this one hour dramatised documentary the Smithsonian Network in the US examining the parallels between the Bourne films and real life.

How Bruce Lee Changed The World (History US) - Waddell Media , USA
2008 - Producer/Director
I producer and directed this feature length documentary for the History Channel US examining martial arts legend, Bruce Lee's influence on contemporary popular culture.

Queen Camilla (Channel 4) - Blakeway Productions , United Kingdom
2006 - Producer/Director
A controversial film that exposed Prince Charles' plans to make Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall the Queen. It created front page headlines and was watched by 2.6 m people when broadcast on Channel 4.

'The Last Thing To Go Through A Fly's Mind'  - World Wide Webb Productions , United Kingdom
2006 - Director
A ten minute comedy short about reincarnation and redemption starring Ralph Ineson. Winner of best film at the Portobello Film festival, winner of Best Comedy at the London Short Film Festival, and winner of Moving Pictures Magazine's best narrative short.

'Holmfirth Hollywood' (BBC 4)  - Dragonfly TV (formerly Firefly) , United Kingdom
2006 - Director
A one hour, one-off dramatised documentary for BBC 4 about the Victorian film pioneer, James Bamforth. It tells the story of how James Bamforth, a painter and decorator from the small West Yorkshire town of Holmfirth, became a major player in the film-making business before the first Hollywood studio opened in 1911. Edited by the brilliant, Gwyn Jones, it is written and directed as a comedy homage to Bamforth's pioneering films.

'Censored at the Seaside' (BBC 2)  - Dragonfly (formerly Firefly) , United Kingdom
2005 - Director
A one hour, one-off dramatised documentary for BBC 4 (and BBC 2) about the life of the 'saucy' postcard cartoonist, Donald McGill. Nominated for a Grierson Award for most entertaining documentary.

'The Woman Who Cried Rape' (Sky 1)  - V Good Films , United Kingdom
2005 - Producer/Director
A one hour, one-off dramatised documentary for Sky 1 about a woman jailed for falsely accusing a man of rape.

'Fluffy Toy' Safe Sex Commercial - MTV Europe , United Kingdom
2005 - Director
Shot on super 16 for MTV's Staying Alive campaign. Shown in cinemas and on MTV networks worldwide.

'25 Years of the Comedy Store - a Personal History by Paul Merton' (BBC 1) - Ginger Media , United Kingdom
2004 - Producer/Director
A one hour, one-off documentary for BBC 1 marking 25 years of the Comedy
Store presented by Paul Merton.

'Austin Stevens: Snakehunter - The Valley of the Monster Pythons' (Discovery) - Tigress , USA
2003 - Producer/Director
A one hour natural history doc for Discovery HD and Animal Planet following photographer Austin Stevens' search for snakes in the Australian rainforest.

'Scream: The History of Anesthetics' (Five) - Uden Associates , United Kingdom
2003 - Director
A one hour, one-off dramatised documentary telling the story of the discovery and use of anaesthetics from Victorian times to present day presented by Dr Philip Hammond.

'Money Can't Buy You Love' (Channel 4)  - Pacific Productions , United Kingdom
2002 - Producer/Director
A one hour, one off dramatised documentary for Channel 4 about women who sacrificed wealth and status for love. It got 3.2 million viewers when broadcast.

'My Worst Week' (BBC 1) - Brighter Pictures , United Kingdom
2002 - Producer/Director
Documentary series about how the media covers celebrity scandal. I helped devise the format and made the Hugh Grant, Sophie Wessex and Chris Evans programmes.

'The Way We Travelled' (BBC 2) - BBC , United Kingdom
2002 - Producer/Director
Documentary series for BBC 2 that examined the history of British travel from the fifties to the present day.

Tabloid Tales (BBC 1)  - Brighter Pictures , United Kingdom
2001 - Producer/Director
I helped created the format and style of this documentary series where celebrities recounted their experience of the tabloid press.

Top Gear (BBC 2)  - BBC , United Kingdom
2000 - Producer/Director
I was brought in the last time the BBC wanted to revamp this long-running car show to oversee the new creative.


Employment History

Credits include the Grierson nominated documentary 'Censored at the Seaside' (BBC 4), and the feature length dramatised documentaries, 'JFK: Seven Days That Made a President' (NGCI), '10 Ways to Kill Bin Laden' and 'How Bruce Lee Changed the World' (History US), 'True Stories: the Bourne Identity for Smithsonian/Five and 'Breakout' and 'Seconds from Disaster' for Nat Geo. 


Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.
The London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle,
London SE 1.
Politics/Economics BA (Hons)
University of Greenwich,
Old Royal Naval College,
Greenwich, London SE10 9LS

Industry Qualifications

Single Camera Drama Directing
National Film and Television School.


Directors UK


References available on request.

Industry Awards

Winner, Peabody Award 2012 for excellence in public service broadcasting for CNN Heroes.

Winner, Moving Pictures Magazine, Best Narrative Short 2008
Winner, Shooting People's Best Comedy at ther LSFF 2008
Winner, Best Film, Portobello Film Festival 2007

Grierson nomination for most entertaining documentary of 2006 with 'Censored at the Seaside'.

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