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Writer/Director, Sky Vision 'Ultimate Processes' Sep-Oct 2016
How to build everything from boats to motorhomes hosted by Francesca Chiorando.

Writer/Director, Sky Vision 'AAA' Jan - October 2016
Series on scary places around the world presented by Francesca Chiorando. Each week Francesca investigates a different county or state in the UK, Europe or the US famous for its history of skullduggery and intrigue.

Field Director, Food Network (USA) 'Pioneer Woman' Mar - Dec 2015
Field Director for top-rated cookery show carried by the Food Network in the US called Pioneer Woman, hosted by Ree Drummond. I was responsible for shooting the stories which the cooking kitchen narrative was then built around as the series is set on a very large ranch (size of Kent) in Oklahoma. We got the stories about ranch life like herding cattle at dawn, collecting hay and family-oriented activities. It also involved a fair amount of car-related filming which is used as punctuation in the show.

Author and screenwriter Jan - Dec 2014
I wrote and self-published two books. A novel, 'Gabriel's Lyre', and a biography 'The Accidental Wizard' and then went straight into writing the screenplay for 'Gabriel's Lyre'. The books are selling steadily and the screenplay is with agents.

Head of Production, The People's Voice TV Jan - Dec 2013
Launch of a new internet tv channel with the stories other news channels dare not run. I was responsible for the programming output of the station and sourcing and purchasing all the studio technical equipment and sets. I recruited over 100 volunteers personally as well as bringing in broadcast talent both in front of and behind the camera. Closely involved in the creative development and execution of the flagship shows as well as securing international talent.

Producer / Director - Various (see credits listed below) 2000 - 2013
I worked extensively on 250+ hours of broadcast television, almost exclusively in factual entertainment. This involved liaising with commissioners, sources creative and technical expertise behind the camera and working collaboratively with the talent in front of the camera.

Head of Film, Jack Morton Worldwide 1992 - 2000
During this time I was responsible for a £25 million annual budget and the P&L. I reported monthly figures to the board and consistently delivered an EBITDA of 10% plus. I oversaw all productions and the teams reported on creative and production issues to me. The production team fluctuated between around 25 and 200 personnel at any given time and I commissioned a great number of award-winning productions. During my tenure I developed a cutting-edge online library system which gave our editors and producers access to not only our master programmes but all the associated rushes from anywhere in the world. As far as I am aware this was the second system of its kind after CNN introduced it in 1995.

Journalist / Writer / Radio Producer Pre-2000
I edited music magazine 'Record Mirror', developed a series of travel guides for 'Time Out' and was the first male features writer on Cosmopolitan Magazine and produced the first series of syndicated sponsored radio programming.



Ultimate Processes - Sky Vision , United Kingdom
2016 - Director
A fresh take on how cool stuff is made. Presenter Francesca Chiorando dives in to how you make an Aston Martin, a luxury yacht, guitars, helicopters and motorhomes.

Access All Areas - Sky Vision , United Kingdom
2016 - Director
Presenter Francesca Chiorando is challenged to experience some of the most dangerous and strange places around the world from Belfast in marching time surrounded by terrorists to post-hurricane gangland New Orleans and UFO country in Massachusetts.

Models Of Diversity - Little Dipper , United Kingdom
2015 - Director (Self Shooting)
Online promo of a Models of Diversity fashion show at the Ideal Home Exhibition for their sponsors to promote their association with the agency.

The Boxer - Little Dipper , Unspecified
2015 - Director
Pilot for a concept of mine around three sisters from a boxing dynasty.

Pioneer Woman - Pacific , USA
2015 - Director
Field Director for top-rated cookery show carried by the Food Network in the US called Pioneer Woman, hosted by Ree Drummond. I was responsible for shooting the stories which the cooking kitchen narrative was then built around as the series is set on a very large ranch (size of Kent) in Oklahoma. We got the stories about ranch life like herding cattle at dawn, collecting hay and family-oriented activities. It also involves a fair amount of car-related filming which is used as punctuation in the show.

Time Team - Wildfire/Time Team , United Kingdom
2013 - Director
One of the last Time Team episodes after 20 seasons. It is a very different directing experience on a well-established format where everyone knows their exact role and what's required from week to week. The induction and familiarisation process was very smooth although demanding. This episode featured Dundrum Castle in Northern Ireland.

Time Team - Videotext , United Kingdom
2013 - Producer/Director
Two episodes from the final 20th season of Channel 4 archaeology series hosted by Tony Robinson. TT changed blank expressions about British archaeology to "who's doing the geophys?" and revolutionised an academic skill into a popular pastime. Oakham is the best-preserved Norman Castle in the UK and Dundrum Castle is an important Norman castle in Northern Ireland.

Pioneer Woman - Pacific , USA
2013 - Director
Field Director for top-rated cookery show carried by the Food Network in the US called Pioneer Woman, hosted by Ree Drummond. I was responsible for the back stories to the main cooking kitchen narrative as the series is set on a very large ranch in Oklahoma. We got the stories about ranch life like herding cattle at dawn, collecting hay and family-oriented activities. It also involves a fair amount of car-related filming which is used as punctuation in the show.

The Plane Crash - Dragonfly , USA
2012 - Edit Producer
I was responsible for edit producing a US version of the edit for Discovery with a completely revised script and cut which documented the three year build up and eventual crashing of a commercial jet in the Mexican desert to see what happens to a 40 ton plane on impact.

The Tallest Tower: Building The Shard - Prospect Pictures , United Kingdom
2012 - Edit Producer
A quick turnaround of three weeks made this project challenging. I was part of the post-production team. We wrote a new script, reordered the structure and created new sequences from four years' rushes. Building the Shard was a fascinating challenge and the edit was every bit as absorbing. There was intense focus between the team and the C4 Commissioners. The end result was not much short of miraculous in the time frame.

Twins Who Share A Body - Rize , United Kingdom
2012 - Edit Producer
Re-cut and rewrite of original programme for quick turnround. Three pairs of conjoined twins and their stories across three continents. Dicephalic parapegus twins have one body but two heads. There are fewer than ten in the entire world. The programme scored the highest rating in its time slot for the year.

Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened - Pioneer Productions , United Kingdom
2011 - Director
Japan was rocked by a massive 9.0 earthquake on March 11 2011. 20 minutes later a terrifying tsunami 10 metres high washed inland across 20 kilometres of farmland around the north east prefectures. I was on location with a seismologist within two days while the show was assembled back in London. It was broadcast 11 days after the tragedy on C4 in the UK and a few days later in the US on Nova. We experienced repeated aftershocks and the threat of radiation.

100 Days In The Gulf - World TV , United Kingdom
2011 - Writer/Director
On April 20 2010 the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew up and sank with the loss of 11 lives. It caused one of the worst oil spills on record and made BP public enemy number 1. This film documented the accident and what really happened next despite the media blitz which turned it into the biggest media circus of the century and the government all out assault as Obama's popularity sank as fast as the rig.

Killer Quake: Why It Happened - Pioneer for Channel 4 and Discovery US , Haiti
2010 - Producer/Director
Geological investigation of the causes of the quake filmed on location in Haiti two weeks after the quake. I led the team as producer/director with a cameraman, a geologist, two armed guards and two drivers.

The country was in a state of complete anarchy so we had to be 100% self-sufficient down to having our own tents.

We slept 100 yards from the runway at the airport and made our excursions from there around Haiti including borrowing a helicopter.

World's Deadliest Places - Pioneer , Chile
2010 - Director
Most dangerous regions in the world for earthquakes. Review of recent record-breaking events around the world and predictions for the future on where the next one might be. How buildings are constructed impacts on casualties in populated areas and the progarmme reveals how recent cost-cutting around the world in the way in which buildings are constructed is putting lives at risk. the lessons of Haiti are being quickly forgotten or ignored.

Global Realignment Foundation - GR , Monaco
2009 - Development Producer
Six months consultation spent developing the strategic policy of a new not for profit organisation which has been set up to own an infrastructure of companies designed to combat climate change. Using the major financial contribution of one private individual, I have been utilising my networks of contacts and experience of climate change issues from a scientific perspective to advise on the options available to address the most pressing issues. I have formulated a course of action for the Foundation to follow and I have developed a website in preparation for the launch. No more progress can be made until we have the full buy-in and support of key political leaders. No point planting trees if illegal logging is allowed to cut them all down again or no immediate realistic curbs on CO2 production by industry are imposed worldwide. We expect this process of consent at the highest levels to take another year.

Engineering Connections - Darlow Smithson , United Kingdom
2008 - Producer/Director
Intriguing engineering links between modern icons and their historical origins and inspiration presented by Richard Hammond.

Uri Geller - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2008 - Director
Profile of Uri Geller featuring his experiences with the CIA, quantum theory and his showbiz life where he became world famous for apparently being able to bend metal objects.

War Machines - Little Dipper , United Kingdom
2008 - Director
This is a compilation of clips of various shows I made in 2008 about helicopters and jets including Massive Speed hosted by Chris Barrie.

Ways To Save The Planet - Impossible Pictures , United Kingdom
2008 - Writer/Director
Innovative 9 part series on the survival of the planet seen as one big adventure. Presented by Jennifer Languell, Basil Singer and Kevin O'Leary. Uniquely, scientists were given the opportunity of financial backing for their ideas by the programme. The very topical theme was investing in geo-engineering solutions to the threat of global warming. "Scrubbing The Air Clean" commissioned the development, design, build and testing of an innovative low-energy ultra-efficient capture device which can absorb the world's transport emissions of CO2, a potent greenhouse gas, to the tune of 6 billion tons a year.

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Investigation Earth - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2007 - Director
60 min pilot for a wildlife series hosted by Jeff Corwin. Kenya's disappearing lion population was chosen as the focus for the first episode.

Into Alaska - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2007 - Writer/Director
3x60 min of 8 visitor's natural history guide to year-round Alaska presented by Jeff Corwin where Jeff experienced all four seasons, mushed Huskies with a sled, raced a skidoo against an Iditarod husky race winner, stood on Alaska's tallest peaks in -30c and observed Humpback whales close up.

Into The West - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2007 - Director
4 x 60 min episodes of a new 8 part series hosted by Jeff Corwin on North American National Parks, the wildlife and the scenery. Includes encounters with mountain lions, wolves, snakes and elk and ranch life across Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Washington State.

Massive Speed - The Gamma Project , United Kingdom
2006 - Writer/Director
2x30 documentaries on the history of motorbikes and helicopters presented by ex-Red Dwarf Chris Barrie.

DIY SOS - BBC (Bristol) , United Kingdom
2006 - Writer/Director
Returning series featuring presenter Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team as they rescue another victim of DIY hell.

The Year The Earth Went Wild - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2006 - Director/Cameraperson
Location director/cameraman for 120 minute special for Channel 4 on natural disasters in 2005. Covered Pakistan earthquake, Indonesian tsunami and European floods.

Naked Science - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2005 - Producer/Director
2x60' episodes in Naked Science series for National Geographic Channel US on tsunamis and volcanoes. Filmed on Hi-Def in US, Indonesia and Hawaii.

No Waste Like Home - BBC 2 , United Kingdom
2005 - Producer/Director
New format eco series with new eco-warrior presenter Penney Poyzer for BBC2 examining how good or bad Brit families are on recycling and use of resources. (Answer: not very good! 18% recycle compared to 45% in Canada.)

Bermuda Triangle - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2004 - Writer/Director
Writer and Director of 60' science programme in Pioneer's Naked Science series for National Geographic TV US on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Re-flew recreation of the famous Flight 19 featured at the start of Close Encounters to tempt the ghosts.

Surviving Nature - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2004 - Writer/Director
60' documentary for new broad-based science flagship series Naked Science. Second episode I've directed in the series for National Geographic TV US. This one is on the emotional personal cost of extreme weather. Filmed mainly in the US.

Gadgets & Stuff - Black Diamond , United Kingdom
2003 - Director
Writer, director and producer of 13x30' series for Bravo about hi-tech gadgetry from solid state video cameras to executive jets and racing cars. A sort of sexy Tomorrow's World presented by BBC's Big Bang science show Liz Bonnin.

Top Gear - BBC , United Kingdom
2003 - Director
Programme director working with presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on items on new 13x60 minute format. Guests included Jamiroquia, Jonathon Ross, Sir Michael Gambon, Tara P-T, Gordon Ramsay, Ross Kemp, Harry Enfield.

Peter And The Wolf - IFX , United Kingdom
2001 - Associate Producer
Associate producer of Emmy Award-winning animated and live action feature "Peter And The Wolf" for ABC Network starring Kirstie Alley, Lloyd Bridges and Ros Malinger. Directed by George Daugherty.

Commercials - Jack Morton , United Kingdom
2000 - Head of Production
Head of Production for seven years overseeing and directing award-winning corporate commercials and training videos with typical budgets of a million plus for international blue-chip companies in automotive, aerospace, IT, banking.


Employment History

Observational documentary, science and engineering credits for BBC1,BBC2(Top Gear),C4,C5, Food Network, National Geographic US,Discovery US and UK and Travel Channel US.


Dulwich College
Cranbrook School, Kent

Industry Qualifications

BA English Trinity College Cambridge
NUJ Journalism Diploma
Film Degree UCLA Los Angeles
BBC Safety
Safe Management of Productions Parts 1 and 2
(9th August 2002)

Technical Equipment

Final Cut Pro
Sony 400 Camera


Royal Society of the Arts
Reiki Guild


Richard Cooke 07803 031960
(Series Producer)
Peter Guest 07818 047470
Dick Bower 07949 982493
(Series Producer)
Samantha Gendler
07398 035569
(Head of Production)

Industry Awards

American Screen Festival Gold
Cosmopolitan Magazine Young Journalist Of The Year (Strange but true)


US I-VisaShowreel clips can be viewed on productionbase
Final Cut Pro proficient on my own high spec laptop.

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  • PADI Diving licence, 
  • Personal Trackside Safety (PTS)