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    I'm an extremely experienced and bilingual senior self-shooting PD. I cover raw actuality to an extremely high standard, have a great eye for composition, a good sense of humour, can get the best out of even the most reticent contributors and can turn difficult situations around, coming out with a strong and well covered narrative. If the budget allows it, I also love to direct crew.

    In the ten years that I've been directing, I've specialised in constructed and observational documentaries but I have also shot features style content. I've predominantly shot and directed 8x60 minute films, many 45 minuters and countless 30min episodes. 

    I'm fluent in Spanish and speak good French. I spent a year working as a psychologist on domestic violence and rape cases in Peru and taught psychology at the University in Lima. Quite a testing experience, I feel I'm more than equipped to handle tough subject matter.

    I'm well read and have a broad range of interests meaning I'm interested in most documentary topics. I also maintain a sense of humour throughout.

    I love travel and am happy to work in the UK or abroad. I've lived and worked in South America, the South Pacific, the US, Africa and Asia.


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    The 12 year old spendaholic - Redhouse TV for C5 , United Kingdom
    2014 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    A one off 60-minute pop doc for C5 about kids who love to spend and the parents fuelling their habits.
    Filmed, directed, produced the film. I also saw it through edit.

    Bodyshockers - Remarkable , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director
    Bold new C4 features series fronted by Katie Piper all about body image and cosmetic change.
    Directed Katie Piper, crew and fragile contributors, self-shot backstories and operations.

    Million Dollar Intern - Outline Productions , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    BBC Worldwide's first documentary commission: A bold and youthful business obs doc with a twist.
    Directed two transformational eps, fostered new talent and turned around two ailing companies.

    Food Glorious Food - Optomen and Syco for ITV , United Kingdom
    2012 - Senior Producer
    A new entertainment series dubbed: The X factor for food. Its a nationwide cooking competition.
    Carol Vorderman hosts. Loyd Grossman and Tom Parker-Bowles are among the judges.
    I directed crew on heat days and semi finals. I also helped shape and cast the show, scripted episodes and shot backstory VTs using the Canon C300, track, dolly, lights etc. These were like shooting mini dramas.

    Superhuman Showdown - Maverick , United States of America
    2012 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    A features style science format where scientists travel the globe to meet people with amazing and superhuman abilities. I filmed all over the world including the US and filmed some unbelievable and terrifying stunts.

    The series producer hired me as he needed more of a junior series producer than a PD who could also self shoot well. This series had the most hard core health and safety training and challenges of any I have ever worked on and it took all my experience to handle some of the bigger shoots where people were really pushing themselves and their safety to the limit.

    Discovery are thrilled about the new series which airs in July.

    Mary's Bottom Line - Endemol , United Kingdom
    2012 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    Campaign series featuring Mary Portas that looks at the British Textile industry. Mary tries to reopen a clothing factory and launch a knicker brand that will provide work for the people of Middleton in Manchester.

    I relocated to Manchester for the duration of the experiment and worked well with Mary who is quiet the tour de force.

    Shot by myself using Canon 305F and Digi crew.

    World's Strictest Parents - India  - Twenty Twenty , India
    2011 - Producer/Director
    A powerful interventional obs doc about problem young people and parenting.
    I produced and directed the Indian episode.
    I also shot additional footage on Z7 and DSR.
    The shoot involved a three week stint just outside Delhi.

    15 Kids and Counting - Lion TV , United Kingdom
    2011 - Casting Director
    Prime time C4 series about abnormally large families.
    I helped cast and shot the backstory footage that secured the commission.
    When it was green lit I was asked to PD the series but I was already contracted to start on another job.
    Self-shot in HD with Canon 305F

    Candy Bar Girls - Lion , United Kingdom
    2011 - Senior Producer
    A brave observational documentary exploring young lesbians and their lives.
    Shot 6x60 mins on the Canon 305F in High Def.

    A Farmer's Life For Me - Splash Media , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    Like "The Restaurant", in this adventurous BBC2 observational documentary series Jimmy Doherty is the mentor and his apprentices compete to win a farm.
    Directed and shot on DSR for 5x60 minute episodes.

    Nature's Miracle Babies - BBC , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    Natural history observational documentary about those battling to save animals on the brink of extinction. Featuring presenter Martin Hughes-Games.

    Directed presenter. Shot on DSR450 in sub zero temperatures in Russia looking for the rarest cat in the world, the Amur Leopard and I translated and got up close to the extremely rare Iberian Lynx in Spain.

    When Romeo met Juliet - BBC , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    An Arts commissioned obs doc where two wildly different schools are challenged to jointly put on Romeo and Juliet. Mentors and experts help out in this 3x60min series for BBC2. Filmed half the series on XDcam.

    Young Mums' Mansion - The Dads Arrive - Love , England
    2009 - Producer/Director
    Social experiment to see if single parents and their kids are better off living in a commune.
    Directed 2x60 min episodes. Directed up to ten crews/operators and a cast of 22.

    Vets in Action - Endemol , England
    2008 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)

    A fly on the wall veterinary series billed as the real life "All Creatures Great and Small.
    Self shot on DSR450 and Z1. Filmed 20 individual stories in 3 weeks.

    Shipwrecked - The Third Island - RDF , Cook Islands
    2008 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)

    Reality doc about youngsters living on a deserted island in the pacific.
    Lead PD on the Third Island. Self-shot on DSR570 and directed DV shooters.


    Employment History

    Oct '08 - March '09
    See Credits for latest work...

    Young Mums' Mansion - The Dads Arrive
    Love Productions for BBC3
    Social experiment to see if single parents and their kids are better off living in a commune.
    Directed 2x60min episodes. Directed up to ten crews/operators and a cast of 22.

    June '08 - July '08
    Producer/ DV Director
    Vets on Call - Endemol for C5
    A fly on the wall series billed to be the real life
    "All Creatures Great and Small", where vets treat emergencies.
    Self shooting on DSR450 and Z1.

    Jan '08 - May '08
    On Sabbatical Travelling in Asia.

    Shipwrecked. The 3rd Island - RDF for C4
    Aug - Nov '07
    A grittier version of the reality show about youngsters living on a deserted island in the pacific. The third island was shot in the old school laissez faire obs doc tradition.

    Mi Vida Loca - BBC for BBC Learning Zone and BBC Languages Online
    May - July '07
    An interactive drama set in Spain and shot in the style of a computer game.
    Self shot on DSR570. Wrote plot and scripts. Had to shoot the film entirely in POV and so it could be clipped and made interactive.

    The Scam Squad - Talkback for BBC3 - 2x30min
    Jan - May '07
    Investigative obs doc with undercover filming. Followed trading standards officers.
    Self shot on Z1, used Arcos covert cameras.

    A Place in the Wild - Cheetah for ITV - 2x60min
    July - Nov '06
    Primetime obs doc depicting the dangerous work of a Kenyan game ranger.
    Self-shot on DSR 570, 2nd camera on Z1. Some crew shot material on Digibeta. Multicamera shoots using lipstick and minicams. 2 months filming in Kenya.

    Seaside Rescue - BBC in house for BBC1 - 1x60min
    April 2006 - June 2006
    BBC primetime flagship obs doc following the British Coastal Rescue services.
    Shooting with DSR 570, Sony Z1, X1, PD170 and minicams. Overseeing multicamera shoots.

    Desperate Midwives - BBC for BBC3 - 2x30min
    Sept 2005 - March 2006
    An obs doc following midwives and the amazing drama of birth. Shot on SONY Z1. Required very sensitive handling.

    Wedding Stories - BBC in house for BBC3
    August 2005
    An obs doc charting the highs and lows in the lead up to weddings. Shot brides' stories using the SONY Z1.

    Get Rich Quick - Talkback for ITV - 1x45min
    May - July 2005
    An obs doc where mentors coach wannabe entrepreneurs. All crew shot.

    Mum's on Strike - Lion TV for ITV - 2x45min
    Jan - April 2005
    Factual entertainment series where worn out wives leave husbands to deal with the kids. Shot material for 7x45min shows on the DSR570.

    Beat the Burglar - Lion TV for BBC1 - 4x45mins
    Sept - Nov 2004
    Formatted home security series. An ex-offender tests the security of people's houses by burgling them. Shot with digibeta crew, DV and spycams.

    Cash In The Attic - Leopard for BBC1 - 2x60mins
    August 2004
    A format antiques series presented by Alistair Appleton.

    Passport To The Sun - Lion TV for BBC1 - 4x30mins
    June - Dec 2003
    An obs doc following holidaymakers and ex-pats in the Balearics. Two months filming overseas. Shot 30 stories.

    DIPEX charity promo video
    May 2003
    A promotional video presented by Jon Snow on the work of DIPEX (a medical research charity).

    To Catch A Thief - Lion TV for BBC1 - 1x30min
    Jan - April 2003
    Controversial formatted home security series. Shot with digi crew and 10 minicams. Involved multicamera directing.

    Passport To The Sun - Lion TV for BBC1 - 3x30mins
    July - Dec `02
    An obs doc shot in the Balearics. DV Directed stories, shot 2nd camera, found contributors, translated.

    Miracle Cures - Lion TV for Discovery - 6x30mins
    March - July '02
    A pioneering medicine series. Directed crew, cut a taster tape, researched doctors, patients and medical content, facilitated shoots.

    Luther - Lion TV for BBC 2 & PBS (Winner of a CINE Golden Eagle) - 2x50mins
    Sept '01 - Feb '02
    An historical docu-drama about the Reformation with Timothy West and Liam Neeson. Researched locations, academics, historical content, cast extras, and facilitated UK and international shoots.

    Passport To The Sun - Lion for BBC1 - 30x30min
    July '01 - Sept '01
    An observational documentary series shot in the Balearics. On location for 10 weeks. Sourced contributors, shot 2nd camera, translated and facilitated.

    Science Quiz - Lion TV for Discovery
    June - July '01
    A studio based science quiz hosted by Dr Phil Hammond. Researched content and participants, helped devise format.

    The Heat is on - Lion TV for BBC 1 - 6x30mins
    May - June `01
    A reality survival series in the Scottish Highlands and the Amazon Jungle. On location for five weeks, Spanish translating, prop sourcing and fixing.

    DIY Disasters - Lion TV for ITV - 3x30mins
    Jan - March 01
    Format series presented by Fern Britton where secret filming exposes rubbish DIYers. Researched contributors, locations and DIY challenges.


    1995-1999 University of Exeter
    2.1. BA Hons in Psychology with European Studies
    in Spanish

    1997-1998 Universidad Cayetano Heredia, Peru
    Worked as a trainee psychologist in schools, hospitals and orphanages. Taught university undergraduates psychology (in Spanish).

    1988-1995 Haberdashers Askes Girls School.
    3 x As at A level; English, French and Spanish.
    AS Economics and 9 GCSEs.

    Industry Qualifications

    2.1 BA Hons Degree in Psychology and European Studies in Spanish
    3 x As at A Level English, Spanish, French
    1 x AS Level
    9 GCSES A-B

    Technical Equipment

    Sharp at shooting with Canon C300, Canon 305F, XDcam, EX3, EX1, DSR 570, 450, Sony Z7, Z1 and minicams.
    Adept at secret filming.
    Able to rig any remote camera onto almost anything.




    Available on request

    Industry Awards

    Luther received a CINE Golden Eagle award.


    A sense of humour throughout.
    Fluent in Spanish and French.
    Experience in overseas shoots and extensive overseas travel.
    BBC 4x4 Driving Course completed.
    Produced and directed "Pterodactyls" at the 1999 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Senior International Lacrosse Player.

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