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For the past 6 months I have been in development and now have a raft of original proposals ready for submission.

I spent 2015/16 at Pulse Films contributing to their specialist factual re-boot with two films into production - Nazi Ghost Train with Dan Snow for BBC/Smithsonian and Faith Healing, a 90 minute theatric/tv documentary for Molly Thompson's A&E Films. One of other major 4 part series Age of Terror will go into production for History Channel later this year.

I have headed up the factual divisions of two of the UK's largest independents - Parthenon Entertainment (now Sky Vision) and Darlow Smithson, as well as my own production company Principal Films which was bought by DSP in 2005. Principal was a Top 25 company with a staff of 80.

Responsible for content generation, pitching and executive/series producing 300 hours of high-end programming across the factual genres including science, history, adventure, obsdocs, dramadocs, crime and investigation.

Extensive contacts with commissioners and production talent. Specialise in landmark dramatised series and specialist factual.

Key skills include:
Developing, writing and showrunning original programming;
Managing multiple production teams;
Producing trailers, promos and sizzle reels;
Attracting on-screen talent;
Bringing in demanding productions on time and on budget;
Long-standing relationships with leading commissioners, producers and directors;
Negotiating budgets, programme sales, production and talent contracts;
Devising and presenting creative briefs and formats;
Attending TV markets including MIP, MIPCOM, NAPTE, RealScreen and Sunny Side.

I try to make the experience rewarding and fun. I always take the time to resolve everyone's concerns, and am diplomatic when it comes to balancing the creative aspirations of the project with the demands of the broadcasters. I've always been unflappable.

I have personal and professional relationships with leading factual commissioners in the UK, US, Europe and Asia - and have been invited to sit on panels for the Grierson Awards, BAFTA, World Science Congress, Sheffield Doc Festival and China's International Documentary Forum.

Thank you for considering me.


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Nazi Ghost Train - Pulse Films , United Kingdom
2015 - Executive Producer
Dan Snow investigates one the last great WW2 mysteries. A tunnel found in southern Poland believed to be hiding a Nazi train and mystery cargo opens up a 70 year old quest to uncover what Hitler was doing in this remote corner of former Germany. As the Russians and Poles moved in to replace 3 million deported Germans, they found a massive abandoned subterranean factory complex topped by a half-converted castle destined to be Hitler's final HQ - the place from which he and 20,000 loyal Nazis would rebuild the Third Riech. The new tunnel discovery has re-ignited local's obsession with rumours of buried gold, art, treasure, futuristic weapons and the graves of the camp slaves left behind as the Nazis fled their underground network. Like a gigantic 'Who Do You Think You Are' everyone has a theory and story to tell. Dan's mission is to unravel the truth behind the memories, myths and fantasies.

Finding Jesus: Faith Fact Forgery - Nutopia , United Kingdom
2015 - Series Producer
3 (out of 6) x 1 hour for CNN. The network's first foray into specialist factual. Dramatising the stories of characters whose lives were intertwined with Jesus, through the window of new revelations emerging from forensic analysis of ancient artifacts.

Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Double Act , United Kingdom
2015 - Series Editor
10 x 1 hour Animal Planet.
At 6ft 6'' Dr. Jeff Young is a big vet, with a big heart. Straight talking, warm-hearted and effortlessly cool, he's America's busiest vet and a Denver legend. His clinic, Planned Pethood Plus, is a local landmark. With over 70,000 clients, 30 surgeries a day, an animal adoption center and a far-reaching mobile clinic .... he's under a lot of pressure. The series follows Jeff and his busy team as they deal with the emergencies - from the life and death to the sometimes bizarre - that enter through the door every day.

What Next? - Shine TV , United Kingdom
2014 - Series Producer
New multi-part science entertainment series for NatGeo

Ancient Impossible - Wild Dream Films , United Kingdom
2014 - Series Producer
10 x 1 hours for History US. A defining series finally answering some of technological mysteries of the ancient world.

7 Deadly Sins of The Animal Kingdom - Back2Back Productions , United Kingdom
2014 - Series Producer
7 x 1 hours in Stereo 3D for Sky, 2D version for Discovery UK.

Hosted science-driven natural history specials exploring evolutionary biology, to reveal how animals have adapted to the brutal and unforgiving world around them and why we humans still have these sinful urges inside us.

Stephen Hawking's Brave New World - IWC/Zodiak , United Kingdom
2013 - Executive Producer
"Our greatest hopes could be reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal the possibilities are unbounded."

We gave Stephen Hawking a team of dynamic young scientists to investigate, and experience, the newest and most amazing scientific, technological, engineering, computing and medical innovations on the planet.

In return, the series challenges Professor Hawking to tie the threads together and predict what kind of life these extraordinary advances will offer our grandchildren - and beyond.

Jesus: Rise To Power - Parthenon Entertainment , United Kingdom
2012 - Series Producer
3 x 1 hours. Hosted by Dr Michael Scott.

Devised, developed and series produced. Multiple international locations. Drama documentary.

How in three hundred years did a small Jewish cult become to one and only religion of the most powerful Empire on earth, sweeping away1200 years of paganism? A unique investigation into the rise of Christianity told from a Roman point of view.

Mystery Files 1&2 - Parthenon Entertainment , United Kingdom
2011 - Executive Producer
26 x 30 minute history/science dramadocs for NatGeo. Sold to over 100 countries.

Each film investigates a mystery surrounding a famous character from history.


Employment History

Executive Specialist Factual, Pulse Current
Series Producer, Back to Back, IWC, Double Act, Nutopia
Head of Factual, Parthenon Entertainment 2009 - 2012
Developed and produced 30 hours of high profile international factual series and singles.

Head of Documentaries, Darlow Smithson..
Supervising Producer, Atlantic Productions.
Executive Course Leader, Documentary Filmmakers Group.
MD, Principal Films.
Phil Spector's Demons, C4
Gunpowder Plot, ITV
Me & My Slaves, C4
Golden Gate Bridge, National Geographic
Concorde, BBC TimeWatch
Supersonic Dream, NOVA
Science of Survival, Discovery
Roman Vice, History Channel
Building in The Name of God, History Channel
POWs of The Revolution, History Channel
Bugs, Theatric Release Imax
Wildfire, Theatric Release Imax
Amnesia: Trapped In Time, FIVE
Raising The Dead, FIVE
Mind Control Murder, A&E
Hardcore, C4
Connections2, Learning Channel


BA Honours Film & TV, Univ of London
St Edward's Oxford

Industry Qualifications

BA Honours 2:1 Film, Photography, TV
University of London, Arts


Soho House
Royal Geographic Society
London Library


By arrangement

Industry Awards

Multiple International Broadcast Awards.

Recent: Gold Medal, New York Film Festival 2012
Mystery Files, Best Factual Series.


Development, Proposal Writer, Script Writer, Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Series Producer, Client Liaison, Edit Producer

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