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    I am a creative and enthusiastic Producer/Director with ITV, BBC and Channel 4 prime time credits. I'm an energetic and proactive individual with an eye for a good story and format. I have big ideas and am renowned for my strong visual flair and distinctive style. I like nothing more than a good story and bringing it to life on screen. I'm fascinated by other people's lives and am intrigued by lifestyle choices and culture and enjoy getting to the bottom of what makes them tick. People also seem to love opening up their lives to me too, which always helps! I'm also good to have around the office and work well under pressure on location. I aim to get the best out of people both on and off screen and have a great time doing it!


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    MY LIFE: Me, My Dad and his Kidney - Nine Lives Media , United Kingdom
    2012 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    One of the critically acclaimed MY LIFE documentary series for BBC 1 / CBBC

    Intimate ob-doc following a 9 year old boy through a life saving kidney transplant from his Dad.
    1 x 30'00"

    I Survived..9/11 - Nine Lives Media , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    1 x 60'00" telling the incredible untold stories of British Survivors of 9/11
    Self shot on Canon 305.
    SKY / BIO

    Children's Hospital - Maverick , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    12 x 30'" entirely self shot on Canon 305, following inspirational stories and life saving operations at the Royal Manchester Children's hospital.

    The Childrens Hospital - Maverick , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    12 x 30'00" for primetime ITV following inspirational stories at the new Children's hospital in Manchester. Entirely self shot + sound on HD (Sony EX 3).

    Nightmare in Suburbia - Nine Lives , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    60'00" Drama Documentary entirely self shot with drama reconstruction. SKY.

    10 Years Younger - Maverick TV , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director
    PD + Edit : 2 x 60'00" primetime Channel 4 features.Combination of crew and self-shooting.

    Street Doctor - BBC , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    PD + Edit 30'00: Primetime Factual Entertainment BBC 1 format taking 4 GPs surgeries to the streets of a city. Managed and led a team of 12 on location. Devised new and creative ways of pushing the format by taking consultations to even more challenging and exposed locations. Excellent AI. Audience of 3.2 million

    Karma Babies - BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    30'00" PD + edit. Factual.Human Interest Ob Doc for BBC 1. Pitched idea and secured commission. An intimate and revealing ob doc, following 2 Hindu families through pregnancy and childbirth,observing unseen rituals and revealing the unique Hindu approach to having a baby, given "choice" by many press. Negotiated unlimited intimate access to families involved. Self shot on Sony Z1, with some sequences on digi.

    Video podcast trial - BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    BBC - multi-media. Devised format and delivery of a new multi media trial of weekly video podcasts. Delivered innovative new media product on zero budget. Self shot on Sony Z1 and self edited on avid express.

    A Passion for Churches - BBC , United Kingdom
    2005 - DV Director
    BBC 2: 12 x 30' ob docs. Secured access to unique and impressive stories and directed sequences both on digi and DV.

    Karma Lives - BBC , United Kingdom
    2005 - Producer/Director
    BBC 1 30'00" ob doc telling the un-told stories from the UK's hidden Hindu community from 80 year old yoga devotees to human rights activists. Given "Choice" by many newspaper critics. Self-shot on Sony z1 with some digi.

    Heaven and Earth Show - BBC , United Kingdom
    2003 - Producer/Director
    BBC 1: 4 x 60'00" I pitched the idea and devised format taking the programme out of the studio and on location around the UK. Directed multiple cameras. Worked closely with many celebrities in their holiday homes. Filmed mutliple camera cookery series as a strand within the show.

    Heaven and Earth Show - BBC , United Kingdom
    2002 - Director
    BBC 1: Scripted, directed and edited PSC series and celebrity interviews, working to weekly deadlines. Directed multi-camera music performances on location. International filming,mainly in USA. Pushed visual boundaries by using blue screen sequences, flame, symphony, da vinci, super 8.

    Battersea to Bethlehem - BBC , United Kingdom
    2001 - Producer
    BBC1: Christmas Eve. Big budget short film using super 16 mm film. Managed team of 20 on location filming throughout the night throughout central London.

    Heaven and Earth Show - BBC , United Kingdom
    2001 - Researcher
    Researched studio guests and locations

    Bare Necessities - BBC , United Kingdom
    2000 - Researcher
    BBC 2: Travel /survival series. Worked on location throughout the world. researched contestants and location.

    Changing Places - BBC , United Kingdom
    1999 - DV Director
    Researched and filmed 2 people swapping jobs over a week. Factual entertainment format.


    Employment History

    2009 Self shooting Producer / Director: Nightmare in Suburbia
    60'00" drama documentary. SKY.
    2009 Producer/Director Channel 4: 10 years Younger - the challenge" Primetime factual entertainment
    2008 Producer/Director BBC 1:"Street Doctor", 30'00" primetime factual entertainment.
    2007 Producer/Director BBC 1: "Karma Babies", 30'00"factual/ob-doc/human interest.Self-shot Sony Z1.
    2007 "Producer/Director" BBC video podcast trial. Asked to devise a new multi-media product on zero budget. Self-shot and self edited- Avid express.
    2005 "Producer/Director" BBC1 "Karma Lives" factual / ob-doc
    2005 BBC 2 " A Passion for Churches" - Ob-doc/historical
    2003 Producer/Director: The Heaven and Earth Show -Summer Series: Celebrity/on location. Multiple cameras.
    2002-2005 "Director" BBC 1 Heaven and Earth Show. Scripted/directed/edited insert films and series. Directed multiple camera music performances on location. Filmed all over the world.
    2001 "Producer" BBC 1 "Battersea to Bethlehem" Big budget short film shot on super 16mm film.
    2001 - Researcher - BBC1 Heaven and Earth Show
    2000 - Researcher - BBC 2 "Bare Necessities" -travel/survival show
    1999 - Researcher/DV director Changing Places
    1998 BBC 1 Researcher"A Question of EastEnders"
    1998 Researcher/DV Director BBC "The Flower Show"
    1998 Researcher/DV Director"How Does your Garden Grow?"
    1998 Researcher BBC Daytime "A Afternoon of Brits Abroad
    1998 Researcher BBC Daytime " A Morning with EastEnders"
    1998 Researcher BBC Daytime "A Morning with Holby City"
    1998 Researcher "Good Living with Jane Asher"


    2:1 BA Hons Fine Art: Reading University
    4 x A levels: Loughborough High School
    8 x GCSEs: Loughborough High School

    Technical Equipment

    Competent and experienced self shooter on Sony EX 3 HD camera, Sony Z1 and Z7. Working knowledge of avid Express.


    Jean-Claude Bragarde. Exec Producer BBC
    Kieron Collins, Editor, BBC Entertainment,
    Chris Loughlin, Exec Producer, BBC.

    Industry Awards

    Nominated for a New Media Award for video podcast trial.
    RTS Award for "Changing Places"


    Avid Express - 6 months editing 5'00" basic packages.
    BBC training completed: script writing, story telling, DV directing, Basic lighting, health and safety, legal, broadcast journalism 1+2.

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