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Multi-skilled editor with experience in all areas of programmes for broadcast - especially in documentary for television and cinema.
I thrive on variety, and work at pace - more often than not - in the thick of it -amongst large volumes of material- I respond well to new challenges.. I'm more than happy working on AVID or FCP - or indeed Premiere. Completely across the tight deadlines of mainstream TV or the longer more intricate schedules of feature- length documentaries.

Recent credits include ward winning cinema documentaries...
Seeds of Hope ...The Boy Mir - Ten years in Afghanistan ...Genius of Britain....In Search of Beethoven.. In Search of Mozart.. Goth Cruise the Movie ..Escape from Luanda...Garbage Warrior...The Boy who plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan.The Atom a Love Affair

Recent testimonials....

Vicki Lesley, Director Producer
"I've been working with Phil on my feature documentary about the history and politics of nuclear power. He's been a delight to work with and really gone above and beyond in his commitment to the film. Having just had a baby a few months before the start of the edit, I was much less involved day to day than I would normally like and Phil just got on with things in my absence, pulling the story into shape and finding new approaches moves and angles that I hadn't seen on my own.

Jeanie Finlay, Director / Producer
"Phil Reynolds is a great, instinctive editor with a fantastic sense of humour which is essential in the edit room.I loved working with him on Goth Cruise."

Michael Waterhouse, Series Producer
"Phil is great to work with. He's imaginative, dedicated and, on every project we have collaborated on, he's produced a film that is striking to look at, easy to follow and hugely entertaining. Good company in the suite too!"

Andy Webb executive producer Electricsky
"Phil is the best narrative editor I have worked with. The films he has edited for me have largely been observational in character. He has a strong sense of, and interest in, both storyline and character and edits with the editorial perspective of a producer.He is great to work alongside in the suite but equally has the ability to create cuts on his own from rushes to produce an edit with style and wit.He also works well under pressure and to tight deadlines if required."


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The Greatest Story Ever Sold - tenner films / dartmouth films , Unspecified
2014 - Editor
International, feature-length documentary for cinema and television,
revealing the sophisticated advertising and marketing campaigns and secretive
behind-the-scenes lobbying used for over 6 decades to convince the world
of the 'benefits' of nuclear power.

Karajan's Magic and Myth - 2012 Productions , Unspecified
2014 - Editor
When Herbert von Karajan died no one in the world of classical music
was richer, more photographed or more extensively recorded.
This 90 minute film gets under the skin of this extraordinary man,
to explore his inspirations and influences, as well as his overlooked and often unknown inner life.
It examines how a musician who began as a wunderkind from the Nazi period became
the unlikely adopted hero of the postwar musical revival in Britain, as conductor of
the brand-new Philharmonia Orchestra.
"Engrossing ... tremendous archive footage" Sunday Times
"Excellent" The Times
"One of the best docs about classical music BBC Four has ever aired"
Radio Times (Documentary of the Week)

Secrets of Highclere Castle - Pioneer , United Kingdom
2013 - Editor
The true story of one of the world's most famous homes...the location backdrop to the hugely-popular costume drama Downton Abbey, the castle also has its own extraordinary tales to tell.The film explores Highclere's illustrious history and reveals that truth can often be stranger than fiction. Many of the events played-out in the fictional Downton Abbey are based-upon true tales from Highclere's past.

Seeds of Hope - studio9 films , Unspecified
2013 - Editor
72mins feature doc
Seeds of Hope, the story of multiple rape survivor Masika Katsuva. It is not only the story of Masika's quest to provide thousands of women and children who have suffered physical or sexual violence with a refuge, but the story of all women survivors throughout eastern Congo. Seeds of Hope also includes extraordinary and rarely heard testimony of the perpetrators of rape, soldiers from the Congolese army, who talk frankly about how they "feel free" when they rape.

"Visually stunning & gut-achingly harrowing" Newsweek

"Unforgettable, unimaginable brutality - Seeds of Hope is a story of the triumph of human nature over terrible abuse." - Evening Standard

"Seeds of Hope conveys unimaginable pain, and the hope and strength of the women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."
- Senator Mobina Jaffer, British Columbia, Canada

In Search of Chopin - Seventh Art , Unspecified
2013 - Editor
The story of Frederic Chopin told through his music, letters and biographies. Shot in HD, performances by world leading performers and the views of internationally renowned musicologists embellish the story, exposing nuances of the composer's life and works never before revealed.

Fat Surgeons - ELECTRIC SKY for REALLY - UKTV , United Kingdom
2012 - Editor
Follow two of Britain's most sought after Bariatric experts, Shaw Somers and Chris Pring, and their patients, on their remarkable journeys as they undergo weight loss surgery, cope with the after effects, and try to rebuild their lives whilst battling their food demons.

First Love - Series 2 - ELECTRIC SKY FOR SKY ARTS , United Kingdom
2012 - Editor (Avid)
Five famous faces embark on an emotional journey into their past as they rekindle their first musical love. But do they fall in love again? And do they have the commitment and nerve to pull off a live performance?

"First Love's attempt to show us the healing power of music had succeeded, but something else had happened too. As a moved but jubilant Neil Cowley put it: "I think we all fell in love with you." Jack Steale, Radio Times

"Compelling" - Daily Mail Weekend

"Nicely paced and insightful" - Daily Mail

"Revealing" - The Guardian Guide

"Entertaining" - Observer

"Intelligent" - The Arts Desk

"This series likes to use music as the route to the soul" - Radio Times


The Boy Mir- ten years in Afghanistan  - Seventh Art , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Following the international hit The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan, THE BOY MIR will cover not one year but ten. It will track the cheeky, enthusiastic Mir from a childish eight to a fully grown eighteen-year-old. Over those ten years, it will be a journey into early adulthood in one of the toughest places on earth; a journey that mirrors the current and vitally important story of Afghanistan.
Best Documentary Film Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2011.

Restoration Man Series 2 - TIGER ASPECT FOR C4 , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
George Clarke helps rescue neglected architectural treasures across Britain
All over the country, thousands of old buildings lie forgotten and neglected, tangled up with red tape and development restrictions. Many of these property orphans are steeped in history and are of outstanding architectural interest, yet are slowly being left to rot. Luckily these forgotten gems are being bought by stubborn romantics who all share one dream - they want to create a home which is totally unique.

The Prince and the Composer - Rare Day , United Kingdom
2011 - Editor (Avid)
90 mins BBC4 / BBC 2
Sir Hubert Parry is simultaneously one of Britain's best-known and least-known composers. Jerusalem is almost a national song ...The Prince of he Prince of Wales, a longstanding enthusiast of Parry's work, sets out to discover more about the complex character behind it. This feature-length documentary offers fresh insight into the life and work of Hubert Parry through the unique perspective of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Here was a film that broke just about every rule of documentary making... Yet I was completely smitten by it...Daily Telegraph

Pick of the Week - The film is as good
on Parry's techniques as it is on his life and passions...
Sunday Times

Pick of the day
If all you know of Parry is Jerusalem and I was Glad, here's some essential {and pretty thrilling} homework.
Daily Telegraph

Fast Train to the Future "The Youth of Qatar" 5x50 - Rock Wallaby Productions , Qatar
2011 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Series for Qatar National Day. 5x 50 docu- dramas in Arabic, aiming to transport children into the future world of 2030 where they experience their dream job. The aim is to enthuse young people to do something useful with their lives and give them a 'behind the scenes' look at careers ranging from airline pilot to fashion designer, from vet to CSI detective. Closely integrated mix of CGI, Disney- Style animation and documentary footage.For The Emir of Qatar.For The Emir of Qatar

Genius of Britain - IWC media , United Kingdom
2010 - Editor
Britain may only be a small island, but its great scientists and inventors have literally created the modern world: from the invention of the steam engine, computers and the world-wide web to the discovery of the theory of evolution and the atom.
In this five-part series some of Britain's leading scientific figures - Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, James Dyson, David Attenborough, Robert Winston, Paul Nurse, Jim Al-Khalili, Kathy Sykes and Olivia Judson - tell the stories of the people behind these innovations.

In Search of Beethoven - Seventh Art , United Kingdom
2009 - Editor (Avid)
No other composer has been so often quoted, written about, adopted for political and revolutionary causes (ranging from Marxism to fascism) and painted, but who was the real Beethoven? Who was the man behind the romantic image of the tortured artist with the unruly hair, unhinged personality and furrowed brow?

Goth Cruise the Movie - - , United Kingdom
2008 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Goth Cruise is a feature length 'gothumentary' about the enduring allure of goth culture in the UK and USA. Directed by Jeanie Finlay and produced by Tigerlily Films.

True Stories - Blink , United Kingdom
2008 - Editor (Avid)
The true stories behind five well known movies and movie characters: Was James Bond really Ian Fleming? Was Indiana Jones inspired by an American adventurer or a German Grail Hunter? Did the three prisoners in the movie Escape from Alcatraz successfully break free or were they washed out to sea? What really happened in the Amityville Horror House? And was it the Untouchables, and their leader Eliot Ness, who successfully put Al Capone behind bars - as depicted in the movie - or someone else entirely?
5 x 60 for Five, Smithsonian Channel, History Channel (UK), Discovery Canada, and BBC World Wide.

Secrets of Egypt - Atlantic Productions , United Kingdom
2008 - Editor (Avid)
A major eight-part series following experts using the latest research and modern techniques to unravel Egypt's greatest mysteries.

'Leaves you wanting more' - The Sunday Times
'An illuminating study' - The Daily Telegraph
'Fascinating stuff' - Daily Record
'Very intriguing' - The Northern Echo

Garbage Warrior - - , United Kingdom
2007 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
Open Eye Media Garbage Warrior
Garbage Warrior ....www.garbagewarrior.com 90 - minute cinema documentary - premier at Sundance April 2007... Shot over three years in the USA, England, India and New Mexico, Garbage Warrior tells the epic story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds, his crew of renegade house builders Mexico, and their fight to introduce radically different ways of living. WEBSITE
Vancouver IFF -Won: People's Choice Award - Most Popular International Non-Fiction Film
Acheivement in Production; Douglas Hickox Award; Best British Documentary

"Inspiring"- The Times UK
"Charismatic - with a warm sense of humor" - New York Times
"A jewel of a documentary - Garbage Warrior is a brilliantly constructed film" Vue weekly

Escape from Luanda - - , United Kingdom
2007 - Editor
75 - minute cinema documentary-the story of a year in the life of the Music School of Luanda, one of the world's poorest and most dangerous cities. Following five students from age six upwards, this film reveals not only their struggle with their country's war-ravaged past, but also their musical passions and ambitions.MIPDOC Co-production Challenge Winner, 2006.

Change the day you die - - , United Kingdom
2006 - Editor
Series of 50 Min documentaries.
for Sky 1

In Search of Mozart - - , United Kingdom
2006 - Editor
Superlative The Observer essential viewing. The Guardian A model of its kind - gripping The Independent the film manages to convey the intensity of the musical experience more grippingly than anything I have seen on film or television." - The Times Seventh Art Productions

Real Wife Swap USA - - , United Kingdom
2005 - Editor
A Blackpool couple swing in USA
Landmark Films for C5

Imagine - Mentorn Barraclough Carey , United Kingdom
2005 - Editor
Elgar and the lost Piano Concerto - BBC 1BBC 1's documentary triumph of the night. Imagine on top form uncompromising, more informative, interesting and enjoyable than any of the supposedly viewer-friendly documentaries. It also had the advantage of not making us feel hopelessly patronised.

Weird Pets USA - - , United Kingdom
2005 - Editor
For C5

Salvage Squad - Wall to Wall , United Kingdom
2003 - Editor
Restoring Classic machines to their former glory
Series of 50 min programmes - C4

The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2003 - Editor
A ninety-minute feature length documentary for the cinema - telling the story of a 7 - year old Afghan boy living as a refugee with his family in the caves surrounding the destroyed Buddhas in Bamiyan.Buddhas in Bamiyan Grabsky's often gorgeous photography and Phil Reynolds' deft editing (Variety) Poignant and moving, a 'must see.. (Sunday Express).... beguiling documentary enchanting, (Independent on Sunday)...outstanding documentary (Sunday Times).... Memorable (The Times) ...outstanding (Sunday Times)...A lovely, lyrical film (Time Out)..... this haunting, poignant and beautiful documentary...A powerful and extraordinary film- Unmissabl (Daily Mail) "a compelling documentary Watching it is a reminder (Channel 4 take note) that you that you don't necessarily need massive budgets to be a distinctive, public service... But you do need mavericks who are brave." Maggie Brown, Guardian,Seventh Art Productions

Terry Jones Hidden Histories/Hidden History of Sex and Love - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2003 - Editor
4 x 50 min programmes , exploring the everyday lives of Egyptians / Romans./ history of sex and love - BBC2

Sex Tips for Girls - Ricochet South , United Kingdom
2002 - Editor
6x 23 minute programmes - C4

Reputations Pele ¿ World Cup - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2002 - Editor

Queen and Country - Mentorn Barraclough Carey , United Kingdom
2002 - Editor
4 x 1 Hour Programmes to celebrate The Queen¿s Golden Jubilee -

Timewatch - Nero's Golden House - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2001 - Editor
The Emperor Nero tried to build the eighth wonder of the world - many believe he succeeded ...

History Zone Films Brazil an Inconvenient History - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2000 - Editor
Behind the glitter and gloss of modern Brazil lies a history many would rather forget. - BBC 2

Great Bank Robberies - Seventh Art productions , United Kingdom
2000 - Editor
Using dramatic reconstruction's and interviews , this film examines the planning and execution of 3 of the most ingenious robberies of the century - ITV 1

Rebellion - Mentorn Barraclough Carey , United Kingdom
2000 - Editor
Series of three 50 - minute documentaries about the history of Zimbabwe . Pre - Udi Rhodesia to the present day - BBC2


Employment History

Karajan's magic and Myth, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Seeds of Hope The Boy Mir, In Search of Beethoven, Goth Cruise, Escape from Luanda,Garbage Warrior, In Search of Mozart, The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas, Imagine,Reputations , Panorama, Dispatches, Timewatch, Equinox, QED, Queen and Country, Terry Jones Hidden History Poisoned Chalice, I Caesar, Boys from the Blackstuff ......... Sex Tips for Girls, Real wife swap, weird pets USA, salvage squad, terry jones hidden history.


10 GSCE&#39&#59;s 4 A levels
BA Film London College of Printing

Industry Qualifications

10 GCE O&#39&#59;levels
3 GCE A levels
BA Film

Technical Equipment

Avid ,Final Cut Pro,Lightworks,Film


Mr Phil Grabsky
Seventh Art
63 Ship St

Industry Awards


Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Feb 2011


Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards - Creative Communication May 2010

Chicago Hugo Awards 2010


Chicago Hugo Awards 2008

Park City Film Music Festival Jan 08

RTS Southern Awards - Feb 08

In Search of Mozart

Dubrovnik Film Festival

The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan

IDFA 2007


Gold Hugo Chicago

RTS Awards

Valladolid International Film Festival
Santa Barbara Film Festival
Washington DCIFF

One World Media International

Grierson Awards

RTS Southern Awards

One World International Film Festival, Prague

Emden Film Festival


Brazil&#58&#59; An Inconvenient History

Houston International Film Festival

Pele&#58&#59; World Cup Hero

Houston International Film Festival

Hidden History of Egypt with Terry Jones

New York Festivals



I am accustomed to working alone and unsupported , or as part of a team , often under pressure to tight deadlines
With some years experience working in current affairs, I am comfortable working with high volumes of material and delivering to the highest standard. Credits include TV Eye, This Week, Dispatches, Assignment, and Panorama.
I am highly organised and disciplined and respond well to new situations. My strength is storytelling.
As a freelance editor I have specialised in feature- length documentaries for both television and cinema.
I have recently completed a ten year project THE BOY MIR- http&#58&#59;&#47&#59;&#47&#59;www.theboymir.com&#47&#59; which follows the life of a boy growing up in Afghanistan over 10 years
My work has focussed on international films with a high foreign language content, often in areas of conflict and often involving children and ecological issues.
ESCAPE FROM LUANDA http&#58&#59;&#47&#59;&#47&#59;www.youtube.com&#47&#59;watch&#63&#59;v&#61&#59;leEUeDeymfM
GARBAGE WARRIOR http&#58&#59;&#47&#59;&#47&#59;www.garbagewarrior.com&#47&#59;
THE BOY WHO PLAYS ON THE BUDDHAS OF BAMIYAN http&#58&#59;&#47&#59;&#47&#59;www.theboywhoplaysonthebuddhasofbamiyan.co.uk&#47&#59;

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