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    In nearly 25 years as a film maker, I've worked across the range of Factual programmes -- Documentaries, Investigations, Current Affairs, Sport plus Factual Entertainment & Popular Biography.
    I've made more than 150 films from the deadly serious to the totally entertaining - from the death of the Princess of Wales to the war in Iraq, films about Oscar Pistorius, drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia, major series about Margaret Thatcher, a documentary re-make of 'The Full Monty,' even a cinema-release documentary about Manchester City football club.
    I've worked all over the world from San Francisco to Afghanistan with many points in-between both as a Producer/Director and also managing large teams and resources as a Series Producer & Series Director. 
    I also run training courses for aspiring film makers teaching them the principles and techniques of Documentary Film Making & Investigative Journalism.
    My film projects have ranged from fast-turnarounds made in just a few days to films where the production has lasted many months.

    I've made films for all the major UK channels and many international networks, too.
    I have experience both working independently and with Reporters & Presenters across all types of content and on all the various formats.  I also self-shoot confidently on the C300 & 5D.
    My background in current affairs means I have a clear sense of story telling.   And, my films combine a distinctive visual style with a real feel for the people and places involved.

    My Corporate experience - Documentary and Web -- includes films for Universities, Charities and some of the UK biggest companies.

    My background in journalism means I have a clear sense of story telling.   And, my films combine a strong visual style with a real feel for the people and places involved.

    Please have a look at a selection of video clips from my recent work together with some earlier 'Greatest Hits.'  




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    'Oscar Pistorius - The Search for Justice' (working title) - Peacock/NBC , United Kingdom
    2014 - Producer/Director
    Background to the killing of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius.

    'The Girl, The Film Star and the Dictator' (in development) - NLP , United Kingdom
    2014 - Producer/Director
    The remarkable untold story of one of the most unlikely British films ever made - produced in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war and starring Oliver Reed.

    'Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?' - Mentorn for BBC/Discovery , South Africa
    2013 - Producer/Director
    How Oscar Pistorius, one of the world's best known sportsmen, came to be charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

    The film examines the contradictory theories about what happened that night and how Oscar Pistorius battled adversity to become champion Paralympian.

    The film includes several exclusive interviews with Oscar Pistorius' friends and others who knew him and Reeva.

    'Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter?' - Mentorn , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director
    Exclusive access to the parents and friends of Reeva Steenkamp, shot dead by Oscar Pistorius in February. The highly-charged and emotional film charts her roots from small town South Africa to become one of the country's leading models. And, the events leading up to her tragic death. It also includes manypictures, letters and Reeva's own paintings never seen before.

    'Crocodile Tears'  - Mentorn for C4 , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    Currently in production - the documentary features several recent high profile cases where people have feigned innocence but have committed the crime.

    'Hostage' - Renegade/Headstrong Pictures , United Kingdom
    2013 - Drama Development
    The story of the British couple kidnapped in the Indian Ocean, then held hostage in Somalia and their most unlikely rescuer - a taxi driver from North London.

    'Property Market Undercover -- Dispatches' - Blakeway , United Kingdom
    2013 - Director (Self Shooting)
    As the property market recovers investigation into the methods used by some estate agents.

    'Saudi Arabia's Drugs War' - OR Media , Saudi Arabia
    2012 - Producer/Director
    The untold story of Saudi Arabia's fight against drugs, including unprecedented access to police & customs.

    Superstorm Sandy: 'Me and My Camera' - Mentorn for BBC3 , USA
    2012 - Producer/Director
    How the devastation of Hurricane Sandy was captured on cell phones & by social media.

    Endemol Sport - Endemol , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer
    Working as Film Producer developing a range of sports-related Dramas and Documentaries for Television and Feature Film release.

    Cutting Edge: 'My 18 Years in Captivity' - Mentorn for C4 , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director
    Updated version of the film originally made in 2009 revealing the extraordinary story of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her 18 years in captivity.

    The updated film contains several new & exclusive elements.

    Blue Moon Rising - Endemol , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer
    The inside story of Manchester City's 2009/10 season seen through the eyes of a group of adoring fans (Theatrical Release).

    'Cowboy Trap'  - Mentorn Scotland for BBC1 , United Kingdom
    2009 - Series Producer
    On the trail of Britain's worst builders.

    'Tears, Lies and Videotape' - Folio TV for ITV1 , United Kingdom
    2009 - Director
    After the Karen Matthews case, criminals who feign innocence on camera.

    'The Real Full Monty' - Mentorn for Sky One , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director
    Inspired by the original film: turning a group of West Midlands men affected by the Credit Crunch into male strippers.

    Cutting Edge: 'Captive for 18 Years'  - Mentorn for C4 , United Kingdom
    2009 - Producer/Director
    The extraordinary story of Jaycee Lee Dugard missing for 18 years.

    'City Salute' - (MOD/BBC) , United Kingdom
    2008 - Director
    The rehabilitation of seriously injured British soldiers.

    Real Crime: 'The Fight for Sarah's Law' - Folio TV for ITV1 , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    The police investigation into the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne.

    'The Secrets of the Austrian Cellar' - Blakeway for C4 , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer
    The shocking story of Josef Fritzl.

    'Old People' - Blakeway for C4 , United Kingdom
    2008 - Director
    Age discrimination in the UK.

    'The Hunt for Mr Swirl' - Folio TV for ITV1 , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    The international police hunt for a child sex abuser.


    Employment History

    BBC, ITV, C4, Sky One, Discovery + Indies (Brook Lapping, Lion, Mentorn, North One, TWI and others)

    Credits pre-2008:

    Sept/Nov 2007 -- Development Producer, Mentorn

    June/July 2007-- Development Executive, Tiger Aspect

    Jan/June 2007 -- Series Director, ''Ross Kemp in Afghanistan'
    (Tiger Aspect for Sky One)

    May/Dec 2006 -- Series Editor, 'Football Icon'
    (North One for Sky One)
    10-part series searching for the next Chelsea star.

    Mar/May 2006 -- Executive Producer, Mentorn

    Mar/May 2006 -- Executive Producer, 'The Shirts of 66'
    (TWI for UK Living)
    Ricky Tomlinson in search of the Shirts from England's World Cup winning team.

    Apr 2005/Feb 2006 -- Series Editor, 'Sport Matters'
    (TWI for Sky One)
    Sports Documentaries on a range of subjects -- Jose Mourinho, Maria Sharapova, the History of sprinting.

    Nov 2004/Mar 2005 - Director, 'America's Torture Prisons'
    (ORTV for C4)
    Abuse in American prisons

    July/Oct 2004 -- Producer/Director, ''Your Money or Your Life'
    (Lion TV for C4)
    Paying for the NHS.

    May/June 2004 -- Producer/Director, 'Iraq - Counting the Cost'
    (ITN Factual for C4)
    Casualties, reconstruction and the media since the Iraq war.

    Jul 2003/Apr 2004 -- Director, 'Iraq - Secrets & Spies'
    (BBC Production for BBC1)
    Technology in the Iraq war.

    Mar/June 2003 -- Producer/Director,  'Fiddling the Figures'
    (BBC Panorama)
    Targets in the NHS.

    Mar 2002/Feb 2003 -- Series Director, 'Margaret Thatcher' 
    (Brook Lapping for ITV1)
    4 part biographical profile of the 'Iron Lady.'

    Sept/Dec 2001 -- Producer/Director, ''Bruce on Bruce'
    (WP for ITV1)
    Bruce Forsyth documentary profile.

    Apr/Aug 2001 -- Senior Producer, 'Tonight' (ITV)

    Aug 2000/Mar 2001 -- Head of Football, EA Sports

    1998/2000 -- Producer/Director,'Inside Story'
    (BBC Documentaries)
    Observational documentaries on a range of subjects -- Kids and Guns (US), Attitudes to Paedophiles, Justin Fashanu.

    1996/1998 -- Producer/Director, 'Panorama'
    (BBC Current Affairs)
    Current Affairs films including Human rights in Saudi Arabia, the death of the Princess of Wales, Bill Clinton. 

    1993/1995 -- Producer/Director, BBC Current Affairs
    Films on Fred West murders, Women in the Navy, shortage of transplant organs, among many.

    1988/1993 -- Producer, 'Newsnight'

    1985/1988 -- Scriptwriter, BBC News

    1983/1985 -- BBC News Trainee

    1982/1983 -- Reporter/Researcher, Radio Wyvern


    On request

    Industry Awards

    'Sport Matters' -- nominated Banff and other festivals

    'Abu Ghraib USA' -- nominated RTS

    Panorama 'Fiddling the Figures' -- Runner-up BMA Awards

    'Margaret Thatcher' -- Gold Medal, New York Documentary Festival

    'Inside Story -- Justin Fashanu' -- nominated RTS

    'Panorama -- Death of a Principle' -- nominated Amnesty awards

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