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    I am a highly experienced Producer and Director with a strong track record with leading broadcasters in the UK and the US.

    I particularly love the challenge of turning complicated subjects into fascinating and compelling programmes.

    I specialise in science and history documentaries but also have plenty of credits in observational documentary, factual, current affairs and even childrens. I am particularly adept at leading film expeditions to remote and difficult areas of the world and have worked on all seven continents from the Arctic to the Antarctic, the Amazon to the Himalaya.

    As a Series Producer i am very confident managing production teams yet also enjoy self shooting. I have my own Sony EX3, Sony Z1 and numerous smaller HDV cameras plus full sound kit. In addition I have both Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer on Apple laptops and desktops.

    I spent several years as a studio director so am very comfotable with multi-camera directing. I'm used to directing actors in drama documentary and have worked with many high profile presenters over the years.

    Click Here to visit my website: www.martinkemp.tv


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    A Night of Heroes - The Military Awards - Two Four , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director
    Reconstruction films and the live event

    Sacred Wonders of Britain - BBC , United Kingdom
    2013 - Series Producer
    3 x 60 mins for BBC2 exploring the Sacred Wonders of Britain from the Stone Age through to the Reformation. Presented by Neil Oliver and shot around the country. Featuring cutting edge CGI to help bring the past and the ancient beliefs of Britain alive

    Supercomet - Windfall , United Kingdom
    2013 - Development Producer
    Development for new Discovery Science series due to go in production this Autumn

    Lost Kingdoms of South America - IWC Media , Colombia
    2012 - Producer/Director
    1 x 60 minute documentary led by new to television presenter, archaeologist Jago Cooper. Exploring the story of the pre-Colombian and pre-Inca peoples of Colombia. Travelling to the heart of the El Dorado myth and on to the real lost city of Ciudad Perdida recently discovered deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

    Doctors are Human Too - BBC , United Kingdom
    2012 - Series Director
    Primetime 4 x 60 mins observational documentary series for BBC 1 following the working and home lives of senior medics in two of Britain's biggest hospitals. What does it take to be a doctor in the NHS today and how does that affect the lives of the medics themselves. As series director I was responsible for setting an exciting new drama inspired style for the series, managing three director led shooting teams and directing and self shooting sequences on the Canon C300.

    David Suchet in the Footsteps of Paul - CTVC - BBC 1 , United Kingdom
    2012 - Producer/Director
    Major 2 x 60 minute series for BBC1 following actor David Suchet's journey around the Mediterranean to discover the truth behind the controversial biblical character of St Paul. The man credited with transforming Christianity from a minor Jewish sect to a world wide religion and in doing so transforming Western civilisation. I wrote, directed and series produced this series.

    Ancient X-Files - WAG TV - National Geographic International , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director
    Two programmes in a new 13-part series looking at strange, unanswered science & historical
    mysteries. Shot on HD around the world stories include the origins of King Arthur's Sword in the Stone,
    archaeoacoustic Neolithic chambers in Malta and the crystal that allowed Vikings to navigate to the
    New World

    The World's Largest Snake - Wide Eyed Entertainment - Channel Four/Smithsonian Channel , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director
    This two hour special tells the story of the discovery of the largest snake that ever lived. A 58 million
    year old, 15 metre long constrictor that for 10 million years was the largest predator on earth. Shot in
    HD in the United States and South America it features ground breaking CGI to bring the snake "back to
    life". This was also the premiere documentary to relaunch the new Smithsonian Channel in the United

    Victorian Pharmacy - Lion TV - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2010 - Series Director
    4 x 60 mins Living History Documentary series. Telling the extraordinary story of an explosion in consumer medicine during the Victorian era that delivered traditional remedies and medical science to all - and put a chemist's shop on every high street in the country.

    Ice Patrol - Spiderlight Films - Five/National Geographic , United Kingdom
    2009 - Series Director
    4 x 60 mins Observational Documentary aboard the Royal Navy's sole ice patrol ship HMS Endurance in Antarctica.Following the ship's company and scientists from the British Antarctic Survey carrying out ground breaking environmental research on the continent.The series was produced by my own production company and I spent 3 months filming it on board Endurance during her mission to Antarctica. A voyage which almost ended in disaster when the ship flooded off Cape Horn. The dramatic story of what happened next is told in the final episode of this stunning HD series.

    Mary Magdalene: Saint or Sinner? - CTVC - Five/National Geographic , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    60 mins drama doc. A major new archaeological discovery is about to completely overturn the fictionalised image of Mary Magdalene to reveal one of the most influential women in history.

    Quest for the Lost Ark - September Films - Channel Four/History , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    Major 120 min HD co-production tracing the search for the Ark of the Covenant around the world and filmed in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and across Europe. What we discover at the end of the film is the oldest wooden artifact ever found in sub-Saharan Africa and something which will rewrite the history books.

    What Happens If? - Original Produtions - National Geographic , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    10 x 30 mins. Major new science series answering puzzling questions both big and small from what would happen if gravity suddenly stopped to how can you make plastic out of potatoes.

    True Heroes - Flashover - Darlow Smithson - Discovery Channel , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    30 min drama doc for Discovery Channel. How a 21 year old woman saved her young brother and elderly stepfather from their burning home. Includes a major special effects recreation of fire flashover.

    True Heroes - Canoe Rescue - Darlow Smithson - Discovery Channel , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    30 min drama doc. A sudden storm blows up across a Canadian lake capsizing two canoeists. After 4 hours in the water their only hope of survival is a blind man.

    Lost Worlds - Atlantic Productions - History Channel , United Kingdom
    2006 - Producer/Director
    60 mins following two archaeologists in search of hidden clues to why the monuments of the British neolithic were built. Using cutting edge CGI, Stonehenge and the stone circles and tombs of Orkney are reconstructed and a new theory explains the true purpose of the ancient mound of Silbury Hill.

    Mad Labs - Cineflix - National Geographic/Five , United Kingdom
    2006 - Series Director
    20 x 30 mins science series. Shot on HD in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and Asia, Mad Labs seeks out sciences stranger side to discover that even the wackiest ideas have the potential to change the world.

    Stardate: Comet Impact - Screenhouse Productions - BBC1/2 , United Kingdom
    2005 - Producer/Director
    2 x 30 mins as live from NASA mission control in Pasedena, California as the Deep Impact spacecraft fires a probe into the heart of a comet.

    What the Ancients Did for Us - Aztec, Maya & Inca - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    60 mins history/science series with Adam Hart-Davies. Major OB location in UK & on location in Peru, Mexico & Belize. Telling the story of the remarkable contributions made by the civilisations of the Old World.

    What the Ancients Did for Us - Mesopotamians - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    60 mins history/science series with Adam Hart-Davies. Major OB location in UK & on location in Syria & Bahrain. Everything from the wheel to writing the contribution of the world's first civilisations to the way we live today.

    What the Ancients Did for Us - Greeks - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    60 mins history/science series with Adam Hart-Davies. Major OB location in UK & on location in Greece & Sicily. The pilot episode for the series charts the lasting influence of the Ancient Greeks on Western culture.

    Mind Games - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC4 , United Kingdom
    2003 - Series Producer
    10 x 30 mins BBC4 Science game/puzzle show hosted by Simon Singh. The highest ratings winner on BBC4 for 6 weeks during its run

    In Search of Syphilis - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2003 - Producer/Director
    30 mins. history/science investigation of the true origins of syphilis examing the DNA from a 700 years old skeleton.

    Return of the Flying Death - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2002 - Producer/Director
    50 mins. History/science doc following a botanists search in the Amazon rainforest for a powerful arrow poison that revolutionised modern medicine. Winner of Wellcome Award for best medical programme.

    Understanding Cities - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2001 - Producer/Director
    2 x 30 mins. examing the rejuvenation of Manchester

    Running the World - BBC Specialist Factual - BBC2 , United Kingdom
    2001 - Series Producer
    30 mins. Profile of the business practices of Nike for Open University

    Making Continents - BBC Specialist Factual , United Kingdom
    2000 - Producer/Director
    5 x 30 mins. Series of geology programmes shot in Iceland, Costa Rica, Nepal, USA, the Arctic, Europe & UK. Included filming on some of the world's most important volcanoes including Mt Etna, Vesuvius, Mt St.Helens, Kilaeau, Hekla.

    Corporates - Various , United Kingdom
    1997 - Director
    Freelance Director 1997 - 2000
    Studio and location directing for IBM, Stewart Ford Racing, Texaco, Computer Associates, Silicon.Com,

    The Bird - Rollinspider Productions - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1995 - Producer/Director
    10 x 10 mins.CGI based childrens chatshow. Shot on location in Paris and UK. Won commission and setup own company to produce series

    Channel One Television - Channel One , United Kingdom
    1994 - Series Director
    Helped launch this London cable station including design of studios and training and management of news and studio director teams. Directed entertainment, sports and discussion shows.

    BiteBack - Mentorn Barraclough Carey - BBC1 , United Kingdom
    1994 - Producer
    12 x 60 min.Viewer response programme involving location reports and studio debate.

    Peace by Christmas? - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1993 - Producer/Director
    8 x 10 minutes. Eight films looking at all individuals on all sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland in the run up to the Downing Street initiative - an ex-IRA bomber, a loyalist negotiator, a peace activist, an RUC constable etc.

    The Slot - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1993 - Producer/Director
    5 mins. Post C4 News opinion programme.

    Right to Reply - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1991 - Studio Director

    Viewer response programme recorded in multi-camera studio plus large scale OBs in UK and abroad.

    Moving Pictures - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1990 - Producer/Director
    Movie review programme with Tony Robinson

    Big World - Channel Four , United Kingdom
    1990 - Producer/Director
    World music preview show for Big World Cafe hosted by Mariella Frostrup


    Employment History

    Primetime credits on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, C4, Five, Discovery, National Geographic & History Channel.

    As a producer, director or series producer my employers include:

    Atlantic Productions
    BBC Specialist Factual
    BBC Factual Entertainment
    Channel Four TV
    Darlow Smithson
    Lion TV
    Mentorn Barraclough Carey
    Original Productions
    Rollinspider Productions
    Screenhouse Productions
    September Films
    Spiderlight Films
    Wag TV
    Wide Eyed Entertainment



    PostGrad Diploma Media
    PostGrad Cert Ed (Science)
    BSc (hons) Chemistry
    OND in Sciences
    9 GCSE

    Industry Qualifications

    BBC Series Producer course
    BBC Directing & Self-op DV
    BBC Directing for single camera
    BBC Directing for multi-camera
    BBC Production safety course
    BBC Writing for TV
    Frank Ash Story telling workshop

    Technical Equipment

    I own a Sony EX3, Sony HDV Z1-E and Sony HDR-HC3 with full sound kit and edit on an Apple G5 and G4 powerbook with Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.


    Fellow of Royal Geographical Society


    Available on request

    Industry Awards

    Sandford St.Martin Premier Television Award 2013
    Sandford St.Martin Radio Times Reader's Award 2013
    BPME 1990 GOLD Best Promotion for an Evening
    BPME 1991 GOLD Best Promotion not using Programme Material
    BPME 1991 SILVER Best Use of Graphics
    BPME 1992 GOLD Best Use of Graphics
    BPME 1992 SILVER Best Single Promotion
    BPME 1992 BRONZE Best Use of Music
    Wellcome Award for Biology & Medicine 2002


    PADI Master Scuba Diver
    PADI Rescue Diver

    Additional Information


    • Corporate, 
    • TV

    Programme Types

    • Animation, 
    • Childrens, 
    • Corporate, 
    • Current Affairs, 
    • Documentary, 
    • Drama Reconstruction, 
    • Dramatised Documentary, 
    • Education, 
    • Environment, 
    • Game Show, 
    • Historical Documentary, 
    • Investigative, 
    • Live Multi-cam OB, 
    • Magazine, 
    • Motoring, 
    • Natural History, 
    • Observational Documentary, 
    • Outside Broadcast, 
    • Religion, 
    • Science, 
    • Science Fiction, 
    • Studio Debate, 
    • Studio Direction, 
    • Travel


    • Africa, 
    • Anthropology, 
    • Archaeology, 
    • Aviation, 
    • Biology, 
    • Children's, 
    • Computer Gaming, 
    • Current Affairs, 
    • Diving, 
    • Ecology, 
    • Education, 
    • Environment, 
    • Ethnic, 
    • Final Cut Pro, 
    • Genetics, 
    • Geography, 
    • Health, 
    • Heritage, 
    • High-Definition, 
    • History, 
    • Human Rights, 
    • International Affairs, 
    • Internet, 
    • Latin America, 
    • Location Filming, 
    • Medicine, 
    • Middle East, 
    • Natural History, 
    • Outside Broadcast, 
    • Paleontology, 
    • Photography, 
    • Religion, 
    • Science, 
    • South Africa, 
    • South East Asia, 
    • Technology, 
    • Topography, 
    • Transport, 
    • Travel, 
    • USA, 
    • Wildlife, 
    • Zoology


    • EU, 
    • South African, 
    • USA


    • Basic Driving (PLG), 
    • PADI Diving licence, 
    • Sea Survival Training STCW95, Helicopter Dunker Training RNAS Yeovilton