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    Mobile: +44(0) 7702 196876
    Skype: marktwiggins

    Member of the Association of Camera Operators.

    Experienced 2nd Unit DOP

    Experience with 35mm film, 16mm film, Digital Cinematogrphy cameras inc. Alexa, Red, Sony

    Sony NEX-FS100 Owner Operator

    Steadicam Owner Operator

    Worrall Geared Head Operator/Owner

    Available for Main Unit, Second Unit or Dailies.

    Experienced DOP, Camera Operator and Final Cut Pro Editor.

    DOPs worked with include the late Paul Beeson BSC, Paul Wheeler BSC and Alan Trow BSC.

    Experienced with "High end" Cameras such as Sony F65/F35,Epic, Red and Arri Alexa.

    As a DOP I have good connections with Panalux, Onsight and an account at VMI.

    I have many years experience working in the Camera Department and am experienced with both film (16mm, Super 16, 35mm) and Video (both Digital (inc: Digibeta and HDCAM/HDCAM SR) and Analogue) and file based formats (including Sony F65/F35/F3, Red, Epic and Arri Alexa) and video DSLRs such as the Canon 5D Mk II..

    I can provide a Super 16 Arri SRII  Camera plus full Camera and Lighting crew.

    I own a Sony NEX-FS100 S35 HD Camera plus 35mm lenses, Mattebox, Follow Focus etc, a Sony HVR-V1E HDV Camcorder which, as well as recording HDV internally, can record full HD (including uncompressed and all forms of Proress) when linked to an external recorder and  a Sony DSR PD 170p DVCAM Camcorder.

    As an Operator I have experience of using both fluid and geared Heads (including O'Conner, Ronford and Arr and own a Worrall Geared Headi).  I have worked off of dollies, jibs, Snake Arms etc and have experience of remote heads (including 3 axis), both on jibs and cranes, and Motion Control (soft wheel rigs).  I have also worked off the back of tracking vehicles and am Steadicam trained.

    As an Editor I have many years experience editing productions on Final Cut Pro and own both Final Cut and Lightworks).

    I have experience of Blue/Green Screen.

    I have experience of 3D rigs, both "beam splitter" and "side by side."

    I am familiar with most 35mm adapters.

     I can provide full Camera Crew who are trained to use both film(both 16mm and 35mm), tape (including Digibeta and HD) and 4K digital (Red Camera/ Arri Alexa).

    I have a long association with a gaffer who freelances for Panalux, an association which has, in the past, resulted in me being able to get lighting equipment at very reasonable rates.



    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Green
    Charlie and the dream girl - Maya Theatre and Dance Company , United Kingdom
    2014 - Lighting Cameraperson
    Feature Film

    2nd Unit DOP and 2nd Unit A Camera Operator.

    Rabbit Hole Clothing - Ulta Pulta Pictures , United Kingdom
    2012 - Cinematographer
    Commercial for a Clothing Company.

    Director: Faye Syed

    Use as Directed/Skin and Bones - Ulta Pulta Pictures , United Kingdom
    2012 - Cinematographer
    Music Video

    Directer: Faye Syed

    Ben Montague/Deep End - Traveler/Panacea , United Kingdom
    2012 - Camera Operator
    Music Video

    Director: Nour Wazzi

    DOP/Steadicam: James Layton

    Coven - FX Team Productions , United Kingdom
    2012 - Director of Photography
    Second Unit DOP/Operator
    Director: John Mackie
    Main Unit DOP: Franz Pagot AIC

    Feature staring Dexter Fletcher.

    51 Degrees - Films United , United Kingdom
    2012 - Camera Operator
    Sci Fi Feature

    Daily Camera Operator

    Director: Greg Richter
    DOP: James Kinsman

    Love - Scare Productions/Paul Faherty , United Kingdom
    2012 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
    Short Film cut from rushes from a Commercial I recently shot.

    Love - Scare Productions/Paul Faherty , United Kingdom
    2012 - Cinematographer
    Short film cut from the rushes from a Commercial I recently shot.

    Sony FS100.

    H H Hosiery - Paul Faherty , United Kingdom
    2012 - Lighting Cameraperson
    Commercial for new fashion brand.

    Brand New Heavies - Property Visuals , United Kingdom
    2011 - Lighting Cameraperson
    "Brand New Heavies" 20th anniversary concert.

    Director: Gavin Boyd

    1080p HD.

    Eahucon Hair Extensions - BNG Media , United Kingdom
    2011 - Director/Cameraperson
    Commercial for Hair Extensions. Shot on HD - 1080/25p

    Shakespeare's first theatre. - Museum of London Archaeology , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
    Film for website.

    The Prittewell Prince - Museum of London Archaeology , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
    15 minute segment for website.

    Nick Davis, man of bronze. - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom
    2009 - Director/Cameraperson
    A profile of sculptor Nick Davis.

    A voyage around our mother - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom
    2009 - Editor (Final Cut Pro)
    A former Tiller Girl recounts her life.

    A voyage around our mother - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2009 - Director/Cameraperson
    A former Tiller Girl recounts her life.

    Nighty Night - Metropolitan Film School , United Kingdom
    2009 - Director of Photography
    HD Short.
    Director: Tsubas Murano

    Hired by the Met Film School to work on a student short film.

    Roots  - Clear Cut Films , United Kingdom
    2007 - Lighting Cameraperson
    HDV documentary
    Director: Lara Leslie.

    Containment - Eldritch Films , United Kingdom
    2005 - Camera Operator
    HD drama.
    Director: Anthony Tattersall
    DOP: Alan Trow BSC.

    Kirsten - Perfect Partner Films , United Kingdom
    2004 - Director of Photography
    Super 16 Pop Promo
    Artist: Kirten
    Track: Mystery Man
    Director: Jamie Harvey

    Superstitious Minds - Scanner Rhodes Productions , United Kingdom
    2000 - Director of Photography
    Super 16 drama.

    Director: Kim Bailey.

    If you go down to the woods today. - Stinging Bull Productions , United Kingdom
    2000 - Gaffer
    Super 16 drama.

    Director: Alan Denman
    DOP: Koutiba Al-Janabi

    The Basketball Killer - Room 218 Productions , United Kingdom
    2000 - Director of Photography
    Super 16 drama.

    Director: Warren Spencer.

    Tears of a Clown - Man Made Films , United Kingdom
    1999 - Clapper Loader
    Super 16 Drama.

    Director: Gareth Lewis
    DOP: Ben Philpott.

    The Gravedigger - Cutler Films , United Kingdom
    1999 - Director of Photography
    Short Film shot on Betacam SP.

    A pregnant Pause - NFTS , United Kingdom
    1999 - Director of Photography
    Short shot on Betacam SP.

    A different kind of Christmas - Casper Entertainment , United Kingdom
    1999 - Camera Assistant
    TV Movie shot on Super 16.

    The Morning After - GBCT , United Kingdom
    1998 - Director of Photography
    35mm production on which I was co-Director of Photography with others.

    A Cliched Horror - Streetlight Productions. , United Kingdom
    1998 - Director of Photography
    35mm drama on which I was co-Director of Photography with others.

    Crime Traveller - Carnival Films/BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Clapper Loader
    Drama Series shot on Super 16 for the BBC.

    Blackout - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom
    1997 - Director/Cameraperson
    Super 16 Short.

    A Switch in Time - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom
    1996 - Director/Cameraperson
    Super 16 Short

    Scare! - Scare! Productions , United Kingdom
    1995 - Director/Cameraperson
    Standard 16.
    Co-Directed with Fabio Lozzi

    Westway - NFTS , United Kingdom
    1995 - Electrician
    Super 16.
    Director: Robert Bailey.
    DOP: Mary Farbrother.

    A Deficiency of Yang - NFTS , United Kingdom
    1994 - Electrician
    Short Film staring James Fox. Director: Robert Bailey, DOP: Mary Farbrother.

    Virtual Insanity - Panico Pictures , United Kingdom
    1993 - Electrician
    Student Short Film short in 16mm.

    Director: Adam Jeal.



    Panico Media Workshop, National Short Course Training Programme at the National Film and Television School, Guild of British Camera Technicians Lightling Workshop.

    BA(hons) Archaeology (University College London), Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith

    Industry Qualifications

    "Alexa - one camera for all" Arri webinar.

    Sony PMW500 and XDCAM workflow: Tutor Neil Thompson of Sony.

    "Red DIT Course" at VMI, Tutor: Tom Turley

    "Lighting Workshop" with the GBCT at Pinewood Studios, Tutor: Paul Beeson BSC

    "Digital Cinematography" at the National Film and Television School, Tutor: Paul Wheeler BSC.

    "Steadicam" at the National Film and Television School, Tutor: John Ward GBCT

    "Shooting on Betacam" at the National Film and Television School, Tutor: Ricky Gauld GBCT

    "35mm Assistants Course" at the National Film and Television School, Tutor: Nick Huston GBCT

    "Advanced Camera Course" at CineEurope, organised be the Panico Media Workshop, Tutor: Rodrigo Gutierrez GBCT

    "Future in Films" Film Production Course at Prominent Studios, Camden, London

    "Television Production" at Thames Valley University

    Technical Equipment

    Sony NEX-FS100 S35 digital camera plus Redrock Micro Studio bundle and 35mm zoom and prime lenses.
    Vocus Sony E Mount to PL Mount adapter
    SmallHD DP4 On Camera Monitor
    Atomos Connect HDMI - HD-SDI converter
    Atomos Ninja 2 Proress/DNX-HD recorder with SSDs.
    Sony HVR V1UE HDV Camcorder
    Sony DSR PD170 DVCAM Camcorder
    Redrock Hand Held Rig
    Zacuto Axis EVF Mount
    Cineroid EVF with Retina display
    F & V LED Ring Light
    Litepanels LED Top Light

    Filters:: 4x5.65 ND 0.3, 0.6,0.9

    Minolta Spot Meter


    Manfrotto tripod
    Manfrotto heavy duty tripod
    Worrall 2 Speed Gear Head with Tilt Plate
    Manfrotto 509 head
    Manfrotto 501 head
    Kesslar 100mm High Hat

    Spider brace
    Cinemover slider dolly

    Apple Mac G5 with Final Cut, 
    Macbook Pro with Final Cut, XDCAM Browser, REDCINE-X and Shotput Pro, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, Lightworks.

    Fully equipped 'Unit Box' including Clapper/boards, Negative Report sheets, Grey Scales, 1000' 35mm changing bag, camera tape of many colours etc.





    Jayney Mackie
    FX Team Productions

    Dean Fisher
    Scanner Rhodes Productions


    Camera Operation, Film and digital, lighting, editing and post production

    Additional Information


    • Commercials, 
    • Corporate, 
    • Film, 
    • Mobile Content, 
    • Music Promos, 
    • Online, 
    • TV

    Programme Types

    • Arts, 
    • Biography, 
    • Business, 
    • Childrens, 
    • Comedy, 
    • Comedy (Children's), 
    • Commercial, 
    • Documentary, 
    • Drama Reconstruction, 
    • Drama: Feature Film, 
    • Drama: Short Film, 
    • Drama: Television Serial, 
    • Dramatised Documentary, 
    • Historical Documentary, 
    • Music Promo


    • BECTU, 


    • Advertising, 
    • Archaeology, 
    • Arts, 
    • Business, 
    • Cinema/Film, 
    • Corporate Films, 
    • Digi Beta, 
    • Drama, 
    • Final Cut Pro, 
    • Heritage, 
    • High-Definition, 
    • Location Filming, 
    • Music, 
    • New Media, 
    • Period Drama, 
    • Photography


    • English, 
    • Italian


    • Basic Driving (PLG), 
    • CSCS (construction Industry), Confined Spaces Training.