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    I am an Emmy nominated director, award winning producer, writer/director and series producer, specialising in documentary and documentary drama. I am a team player and love making great TV programmes. I speak Fluent French and have a current UK Passport, I Visa and valid Irish Passport. I can handle big productions and international co- productions, fully realised drama, big CGI feature length documentaries, as well as presenter led and smaller scale productions. I have credits on BBC, ITV, Channel Four, FIVE, US History, France Deux, ZDF, Discovery and ABC USA.

    Recent reviews include:

    Darcey Bussell: Looking for Margot (December 2016 BBC One)

    'A lovely portrait of the dancer every ballerina - Darcey included, she says - wants to be'. The Guardian
    'Bussell's strongest suit was quizzing splendid old queens and dames from the ballet world, and poring over old documents. Most illuminating was the accounts book the destitute Fonteyn kept in retirement. One heartbreaking entry read: "Repair wheelchair $1."' The Telegraph
    'Incandescent.' The Arts Desk
    'Bussell's engaging film' The Times
    'That's a story the Royal Ballet prefers to keep quiet. The grandees were happy to see her pack houses with her dying swan, slightly less delighted to see her storming the beaches like Che Guevara in a tutu. What a woman.' The Daily Mail

    Blood and Gold: The Making of Spain (Series, December 2015 BBC Four)

    'Simon Sebag Montefiore has a deep personal interest in the period, not least as a member of a prominent Sephardic Jewish family that extends back centuries. One of the highlights was his discovery of the fate of several ancestors who were highly placed governors in Mexico, but even so could not escape the Inquisition.' The Arts Desk

    'Churchill: 100 Days that Saved Britain' (50th anniversary of Churchill's death January 2015 ITV)

    'Last night's astute TV documentary by Marion Milne saw his first three months in office as the period he was not only able to declare victory over Hitler but victory over his enemies within...it is against his faults that Churchill's greatness stands in heroic relief' The Times Lead Television Review

    Darcey Bussell's Looking for Audrey for BBC One (December 2014 BBC One)

    'This has to be the most stylish documentary going out over Christmas 2014' Radio Times

    'If I Don't Come Home - Letters from D-Day' (70th anniversary of D-Day in June 2014 ITV)

    "An intimate view of one of the 20th century's key moments...sobering, moving and beautifully read." Sunday Telegraph
    "As you might expect, a three-sofa job. That's like a three-hanky job, but you sob directly into the sofa to save time." The Guardian
    "Intensely emotional slice of social history....utterly arresting." Mail on Sunday
    "All it took to bring any audience to tears were the words on the page." Daily Mail
    "A dignified re-telling....It was a simple idea that brought an original, emotionally engaging hook to a TV subject area currently in danger of becoming swamped." The Telegraph

    Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MarionMilne



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    Feature Length Drama Doc on popular music figure TX April 2017 - ITV Studios , United Kingdom
    2016 - Writer/Director
    Feature Length Drama Doc on major popular music figure

    Darcey Bussell: Looking For Margot BBC One - Matchlight , United Kingdom
    2015 - Producer/Director
    High Profile Presenter led celebrity arts landmark documentary for TX later this
    year, shot in the UK, New York and Panama

    Blood & Gold: The Making of Spain with Simon Sebag Montefiore - BBC , Unspecified
    2015 - Series Producer
    Series Producing and Directing Two Episodes on a landmark BBC Series.

    If I Don't Come Home - Letters from D-Day - ITV Studios for ITV One , United Kingdom
    2014 - Writer/Director
    Writer Director on Landmark Drama Doc commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day for the ITV Network

    Darcey Bussell's Looking for Audrey for BBC 1 - Matchlight , Unspecified
    2014 - Producer/Director
    A major, celebrity arts documentary for BBC One presented by Darcey Bussell on Audrey Hepburn. Described by the Radio Time as 'The Most Elegant Documentary going out over Christmas 2014...engrossing'.

    Churchill - 100 Days That Saved Britain - ITV Studios , United Kingdom
    2013 - Writer/Director
    Writer Director on a Landmark History Drama Documentary for ITV

    The British - Nutopia , United Kingdom
    2012 - Producer/Director
    Producer Director, Series Interviews

    The Great Train Robbery - ITV Studios , United Kingdom
    2012 - Writer/Director
    Writer/Director on The Great Train Robbery TX October 2012: 1 x 60 major network documentary with drama elements for the ITV Network

    Once Upon A Time In Punchbowl - Northern Pictures, Sydney , Australia
    2012 - Series Producer
    Four x one hours major modern history landmark series funded by Screen Australia and SBS. TX 2013

    Sarkozy - BBC , United Kingdom
    2011 - Director
    60 Minute Profile of Nicolas Sarkozy for the BBC's prestigious 'This World' Strand, presented by Emily Maitlis.

    Titanic: The Aftermath - IWC Media , United Kingdom
    2011 - Writer/Director
    Feature length Docudrama for IWC Media/Handel Productions/Discovery.

    'A model of precise editing and solid research. Hats off to writer-director Marion Milne who has done an outstanding job aided by crack cinematographer Andrew Muggleton'.
    Toronto Star

    America: The Story of US - Nutopia , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director
    12 x one hours landmark history for US History Channel. Directed and interviewed all interviewees across series. Produced and Directed post war programme: SUPERPOWER

    JFK The Making Of Modern Politics - IWC Media , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director
    Andrew Marr presented analysis of JFK election campaign for 50th anniversary. For BBC Two.

    'Superb...his history of Modern Britain deservedly won a BAFTA and JFK wasn't a mile behind...' Daily Telegraph

    The Queen - Blast! Films , United Kingdom
    2009 - Series Producer
    5 x one hours docu-drama for Channel Four/ABC US Series Producer and Director of Episode 5

    Changing Climates: Changing Times - Capa Drama , France
    2008 - Director
    1 x 90' High Definition docu-drama for France Deux/ZDF on future of Climate Change with Full Drama and VFX Winner Jury Prize Fourth Bangkok Science Festival 2008

    Lost Word of the Raj - BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Series Producer
    3 x 60' prime time BBC 2 series on the British Raj. RTS and Focal International Award Nominated

    'Superb documentary series. Memorable and touching' Sunday Telegraph

    Tsunami: Where was God? - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2006 - Executive Producer
    1 x 90' for Channel Four,shot all round the world, presented by Mark Dowd seeking moral and ethical understanding from the Tsunami. Winner Radio TImes Readers' Award 2006

    Working Class - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2005 - Producer/Director
    1 x 60' for Channel Four. A controversial history of Britain's White Working Class, presented by Michael Collins

    'Visually stunning...beautifully executed' Broadcast
    'Compelling TV' The Times
    'Clever, economical and scattered with tart phrases' Daily Telegraph
    'Held me spellbound....a beautifully filmed lament' The Times
    'Contentious and riveting' Daily Mail
    'Well structured, thought provoking stuff' The Independent on Sunday

    Britain's Greatest Monarch - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2005 - Executive Producer
    1 x 90' for Five: Jenny Bond goes on location and chairs panel of experts to find Britain's Greatest Monarch

    What Made Mozart Tic? - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    1 x 60' for Channel Four. James McConnel goes on a journey to find out if Mozart had Tourette's Syndrome

    Ten Days to D-Day - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2004 - Writer/Director
    1 x 90' Emmy award winning Docu-drama for Channel Four/US History celebrating 60th anniversary of D-Day landings

    'Profoundly moving, it made clear quite how much the men and women of the day had to sacrifice for the freedom of Europe. Please can we have more programme making of this standard. Ten Days to D-Day was that rarest of televisual beasts - inspirational' Daily Express
    'The makers of Ten Day to D-Day created a film with a genuine sense of tightening tension' The Independent
    'Well made and engaging...in the end that sense of imminence and anticipation was so cunningly built up that I felt a real sense of disappointment when the programme broke off with the news that bad weather had forced a postponement' Daily Telegraph

    Escape From/Greatest Missions of the SAS - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2004 - Series Producer
    14 x 30' for Five. Saul David presents the Great Escapes of History & Ken Hames presents Great SAS missions

    Heroes of World War Two - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2003 - Producer/Director
    10 x 30' for FIve. Wartime stories presented by Nigel Spivey

    Victoria Cross Heroes - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2003 - Producer/Director
    1 x 60' for Five. Britain's surviving VC winners with Nigel Spivey. TX Christmas Day

    Kings & Queens - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2002 - Series Producer
    12 x 30' Five. Royal History/Reconstructions presented by Nigel Spivey

    Adolf & Eva - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2001 - Writer/Director
    1 x 60' for ITV Network. New York Festivals Gold Medal Award winning biography of Hitler and Eva Braun

    Hitler - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2001 - Writer/Director
    1 x 60' for ITV Network. Biography of Martin Borman. Hitler's deputy and evil altar ego

    The Real John Betjeman - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2000 - Writer/Director
    1 x 50' for Channel Four. Poet Laureate unmasked as British spy in Ireland during the war. TX Easter Sunday

    Anthony Eden, a Rather English Statesman - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    2000 - Writer/Director
    1 x 50' for BBC Two. Biography of British Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister for BBC Reputations

    Desert Rats - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    1999 - Writer/Director
    1 x 50' for ITV network. The British Campaign in North Africa. TX Remembrance Sunday

    The Berlin Airlift - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    1998 - Writer/Director
    1 x 50' for Channel Four on the Secret History of the Berlin Airlift

    Auntie: The Inside Story - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    1997 - Director
    4 x 60 for BBC One. Directed episodes 1 & 4 on history of BBC for the 75th anniversary

    Nick Goes to New College - 3BM Television , United Kingdom
    1996 - Director
    1 x 30' for BBC 2 first time director's strand 'Picture This.' A young man in a wheelchair goes to Oxford


    Employment History

    Founding Partner of 3BM Television 1995-2005
    Freelance Producer/Director & Series Producer since 2006


    Exeter University French & Drama

    Industry Qualifications

    BA Hons
    Skillset affiliated self shooting and final cut pro course


    Member of BAFTA


    Ollie Tait,  Executive Producer Churchill: 100 Days that Saved Britain and If I Don't Come Home - Letters from D-Day ollietait@hotmail.com
    Alex Gardiner, Executive Producer The Great Train Robbery  alex.gardiner@itv.com

    Dan Korn  Commissioning Editor, Discovery Titanic: The Aftermath  Dan_Korn@discovery-europe.com

    Ed Coulthard Executive Producer The Queen ecoulthard@blastfilms.co.uk

    Rachel Bell, Executive Producer Titanic:The Aftermath &  JFK: The Making of Modern Politics 

    Joel Leyendecker, Producer Changing Climate: Changing Times  joel.leyendecker@free.fr

    Industry Awards

    Emmy Award Nominated Director of Emmy Award Winning Ten Days to D-Day (1 x 90 Drama Doc, Channel Four /US History 2004)

    America: The Story of Us  (12 x  1 hours) Prime Time Emmys 2010
    New York Festivals World Gold Medal Winner 2011

    Produced and Directed the Post War episodes and Directed and conducted the interviews  across this four times Emmy Nominated, and New York Festivals World Gold Medal winning, ground breaking twelve part series

    Changing Climates: Changing Times (Director, 90' Docu-Fiction). Winner Jury Prize, Bangkok 4th International Scientific Festivals 2008

    Tsunami: Where Was God? Radio TImes Readers' Awards 2006

    New York Festivals World Gold Medal Winner for Biography Adolf & Eva (1 x 60 ITV Network 2001)

    Nominated for RTS Award & Focal Award (Lost World of the Raj 2007) and Indie Award (Berlin Airlift 1998)


    Fluent French
    Basic Self shooter and Final Cut Pro 

    Additional Information


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    • Drama Reconstruction, 
    • Dramatised Documentary, 
    • Historical Documentary, 
    • Religion, 
    • Science


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    • Digital Special Effects, 
    • Drama, 
    • Environment, 
    • Final Cut Pro, 
    • High-Definition, 
    • History, 
    • Location Filming, 
    • Period Drama, 
    • Programme Development, 
    • Science, 
    • Travel


    • English, 
    • French


    • Australia, 
    • USA


    • Basic Driving (PLG)