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    Highly experienced BBC-trained Edit Director and (Series) Producer/director with credits on a wide range of high profile prime-time factual entertainment series and ob docs for BBC, ITV, C4, Five, SkyOne plus ABC and satellite channels in the US. Subject matter ranging from parenting to politics and often involving contributors on the edge of crisis.
    15 years' experience in the edit, often running multiple cutting rooms.
    Competent at directing crews and managing multiple camera shoots.
    Experienced self-shooter, most recently on Canon XF305.
    Comfortable working with presenters, managing teams and bringing complicated and challenging programmes to a creative close.
    Apple Certified Final Cut Pro user
    Fluent Norwegian, good understanding of Danish and Swedish; ok French & German


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    Show Me What You're Made Of - 2 series - Twenty Twenty , United Kingdom
    2016 - Edit Producer
    Stacey Dooley presents as 5 pampered UK kids travel to Africa to live and work like the locals. CBBC for Melissa Hardinge. Alison Gregory and Mark Rubens exec produced for Watershed - 2014 series. Edit produced 2 x hours. Helen Soden exec'd for series shot in Cambodia, Taiwan and the UK, that I have just completed, at Twenty Twenty, 2016.

    Freddie Fries Again, Freddie Fries Down Under - Plum pictures , United Kingdom
    2015 - Edit Producer
    Character-led adventure series with Freddie Flintoff.

    Baby-Faced Mums, Baby-Faced Brides - crackit productions , United Kingdom
    2015 - Edit Producer
    Across two suites simultaneously cutting a total of 4 episodes of
    these ob doc series on 16-22 year olds bucking a national trend to start a family or get married very young. Gentle, non-judgmental commentary with some really nice revelatory moments countering preconceptions about this group of young people. Now showing on MTV.

    Weighing up the Enemy - Maverick , United Kingdom
    2015 - Edit Producer
    New twist on motivating dieters to lose weight with Dr. Christian Jessen presenting. Features, Channel 4 for Gill Wilson.

    Couples Come Dine With Me - Shiver , United Kingdom
    2014 - Producer/Director
    New series of the award-winning show, featuring couples cooking and hosting together.

    Milion Dollar Intern - Outline Productions , United Kingdom
    2014 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    For BBC Worldwide. Self-shot and crew directed on this new series in which young entrepeneurs pose as interns before revealing their true identity in order to help turn around struggling businesses. Directed 1 and edit produced a second of 10 episodes. TX 2013.

    Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Series 1 and 2 - betty , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    New format for C4 in which obsessive compulsive cleaners meet and help their opposites with often surprising results. Self-shot ob doc style and crew directed format elements for 1 episode of 6 in each of the first and second series. TX 2013

    Come Dine With Me - ITV Studios for C4 , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer/Director
    PD'd 5 episodes of this very popular series for daytime and peak, also 2 series of CDWM Ireland.

    What's Your Story? - dfg (Documentary Filmmakers Group) , United Kingdom
    2010 - Course Leader
    Running documentary training for budding filmmakers of all ages from London African and Punjabi communities, helping them to tell personal and often harrowing stories.
    Films screened at Amnesty International.

    The Apprentice, series 5 (BBC1) - Talkback Thames , United Kingdom
    2009 - Edit Producer
    Cutting 'Why I Fired Them', the hour-long episode to be screened before the series Final.

    No Place Like Home, ITV - Fever Media , United Kingdom
    2008 - Edit Producer
    and PD.
    Shot one ep, edit produced 6 and worked across several other eps. (in edits, dubs and grades) in this 30-part series about expats test-driving a relocation back to Britain.

    Badger or Bust, SkyOne - Diverse Production , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    Directed 2 of 6 episodes of this business reality series with former Apprentice runner-up Ruth Badger

    Say No to the Knife, BBC3 - Silver River , United Kingdom
    2006 - Producer/Director
    Presenter-led BBC hour in which 2 young people desperate for plastic surgery consider their options with psychological and lifestyle advice.

    Dating the Enemy - Granada Media , United Kingdom
    2006 - Producer/Director
    PD'd 1 of 6 in the series for ITV1 in which young people date their polar opposite to see if they can overcome stereotypes to find love

    Britain's Next Top Model - Thumbs Up , United Kingdom
    2005 - Series Director
    Directed 4 of 8 eps of this first series based on the American format. Directed 3 crews and a team of DV shooters.

    Wife Swap USA - rdf , USA
    2005 - Producer/Director
    Managed a large crew across 2 locations in a show which pitted a Kentucky hunting family against an Arizona vegan animal rights activist. ABC and C4

    Spendaholics, BBC3 - betty , United Kingdom
    2005 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
    Crew directing and self-shooting for this BBC hour in which a young debtor tries to change their fortunes with expert help.

    Shipwrecked, C4 - rdf , Unspecified
    2005 - Edit Producer
    Reality series in the Cook Islands. Cut 1 x 60' from 146 hours of rushes!

    Who Rules the Roost, BBC2 - Ricochet Digital , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    Stressed-out working parents try staying at home with the kids to find a new life/work balance. Lightly formatted, ob doc series.

    Get a New Life, BBC2 - Brighter Pictures (Endemol) , United Kingdom
    2004 - Edit Producer
    Working across several edits simultaneously. Cut 6 x 1 hours of this ob doc follow-up to the presenter-led relocation series.

    FAQ (Five) - Prism Entertainment , United Kingdom
    2003 - Director
    Self-shot and crew-directed inserts for this educational magazine series for Five, making science accessible to, and entertaining for, 8-12 year olds.

    Ann Summers Uncovered - Flame , United Kingdom
    2003 - Series Producer
    Series produced and directed this 7-part series for ITV on the sex toy and lingerie chain.

    The Baby Whisperer - Outline Productions - Discovery , United Kingdom
    2003 - Series Director
    Filmed and directed a large part of this series in which Tracy Hogg helps parents on the edge with their baby problems.

    eLove - Cineflix , Canada
    2002 - Director
    USA and worldwide locations. Series following Internet daters as they meet in the flesh for the first time. Self-shot 5 x 30' episodes.

    The Real Birth Show - Chapter One , United Kingdom
    2001 - Director
    Filmed women's stories of the births of their babies for this warts-and-all C4 studio based show hosted by Zoe Ball.

    Crimewatch Daily - BBC , United Kingdom
    2000 - Assistant Producer (Self-shooting)
    Directed/filmed crime story inserts; as AP briefted presenters for this show aired live from Scotland Yard

    No Entry - BBC , United Kingdom
    1999 - Assistant Producer (Self-shooting)
    Secured this commission, cast all characters and filmed on the Garvaghy road during the Orange Order marching season in 1999. Fast turnaround BBC2 feature.

    Nation Goes to the Polls - BBC , United Kingdom
    1997 - Researcher
    1-hour special following 6 floating voters in the lead-up to the dramatic 1997 General Election


    Employment History

    Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, Come Dine With Me, The Apprenctice, No Place Like Home (ITV1), Badger or Bust (SkyOne), Say No to the Knife, Spendaholics (BBC3), Wife Swap USA, Shipwrecked (C4), Who Rules the Roost (BBC2), Britain's Next Top Model and much more...

    New series in which someone obsessed with cleaning takes on their polar opposite and a journey of mutual discovery


    Edit Producer

    Producer/Director and Edit Producer
    NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Series presented by Catherine Gee on ex-pats struggling to decide on whether to return home or not. Filmed 1 and cut 6 x 60 mins. Fever Media for ITV

    Development Producer/Director
    Diverse Productions for C4, Spring 2008

    BADGER OR BUST, Ex-Apprentice star Ruth Badger fronting her own business reality series, bringing ailing companies back from the brink. 2 of 6 x 1hrs. Diverse Prods. for SKY ONE. TX May/June 2007

    DATING THE ENEMY, Series of half hours, pitching young people against their worst nightmare dates to see if they can overcome stereotypes to find love. 1 X 30' for ITV1. TX Nov. 06

    SAY NO TO THE KNIFE, 1 x 60'
    Formatted presenter-led doc. series trying to change the minds of vulnerable young people who want plastic surgery by giving them style advice and psychotherapy. Silver River for BBC3. TX Sept. 2006

    Edit Producer
    SHIPWRECKED, Battle of the Islands
    Reality series set in the Cook islands. Cut 1 x 60' from 146 hours of rushes! rdf for T4 TX Jan. 2006

    SPENDAHOLICS, 1 x 60' Presenter-led formatted ob. doc. on young people in debt learning to turn things around with life- and psychological coaching. Crew directing and self-shooting.
    betty tv for BBC 3 TX Oct. '05

    Series Director
    Series one of the UK version of the hit US show. 1 of 2 series directors, I directed and cut 4 x 1 hours. Multi-camera location and studio direction plus management of a team of DV directors and lots of celebs. Tx Sept. '05

    WIFE SWAP USA, rdf for ABC and C4
    Directed an episode of the award-winning US version of this series, pitching a conservative Kentucky hunting family against liberal Arizona animal rights activists. High-stress, highly formatted and humorous programme. Managed a large US and UK crew across 2 locations. TX May 2005.

    WHO RULES THE ROOST, Ricochet Digital for BBC.1 x 60'. A working couple with 2 small children each grapple with being stay-at-home parents for the first time. Directed DSR 570 crew and self-shot on PD170. TX Dec. 2004

    Edit Producer
    GET A NEW LIFE, Overseeing 2-3 simultaneous edits in very fast-turnaround schedule. Responsible for cutting 6 x 60 min programmes and shaping several more of these observational follow-ups to the prime-time relocation show. Brighter Pics. for BBC 2

    Series Producer/Director
    ANN SUMMERS UNCOVERED, Produced, directed and edited 7 x 30 min. programmes about the sex toy and lingerie chain. (Also filmed some of them) These pop doc. programmes were fast turnaround and low budget but incredibly well received, peaking at 22% share. Narrator: Jenny Éclair. Went mini-network in other ITV regions. For ITV 1. tx Sept./Oct. 2003

    Observational docs. following the work of baby health guru, Tracy Hogg.
    Produced/Directed 7 x 30' episodes of this observational documentary series following the work of presenter and baby guru, Tracy Hogg.. I helped shape this series from the start, selecting stories and formatting the first shows. Cut a further 2 episodes shot by other directors, making a total of 9/15. For Discovery Health Europe. Tx Summer/Autumn 2003 and still tx'ing!

    Director (DV)
    FAQ, Science series for 8-12 year olds. Distilling complex info into engaging VTs C5. Nov. '02 - March '03

    BORN TO PERFORM for C4 Cast and filmed this pilot on recent drama school graduates seeking their first big break in showbiz. Developed an experimental drama-doc. style. Carlton TV

    e-LOVE, documentary series (13 x 30 mins)on international Internet dating for Cineflix Canada (TX: WTN Canada,Oxygen USA and UK Living). Worldwide locations as couples met in person for the first time. Directed and filmed 5 of the 13 episodes. Sept. 2001 - March 2002

    Director (DV)
    A SECOND CHANCE, Pepper Productions for C4. On excluded schoolchildren starting at new schools. Sept. 2001 (Short-term)
    2nd Director (DV)
    CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT MOBILE PHONES?, Fulcrum TV for C4, July 2001

    DV Director
    THE REAL BIRTH SHOW, for C4. I filmed solo with several women before and during the births of their babies. I had to maintain access in hospitals and contributor participation through medically difficult labours. 6 x 10' VT inserts for this studio-based show hosted by Zoe Ball. TX 2001

    DV Director
    Directing VT inserts(IV plus abstract reconstrucion) for this daytime crime appeals programme, preparing scripts for studio and supervising comp role assembly for live tx. 2000/2001

    Assistant Producer /DV Director
    NO ENTRY, Community Programmes, BBC TV A commission I secured. 30' fly-on-the-wall fast-turnaround doc. on life on both sides of the divide in Portadown, N.Ireland, at the height of the Orange Order's marching season. I researched, found all of the contributors and secured/maintained access to film (very tricky!). Filmed and recorded sound on DV with Garvaghy Road residents. TX July '99

    DV Director
    50' documentary on the lives of 6 Scots on the day of the elections to the new Scottish parliament. tx May '99

    Researcher/DV Director
    VIDEO NATION, BBC TV. Finding new contributors from dukes to down-and-outs, in Britain and N. Ireland. Training new contributors to film and cutting their material into 2-minute Shorts. July -Dec. '98
    10 x 2' Video Nation Shorts, Glastonbury festival '98
    Finding, and filming with, characters at the festival.

    VH-1 On-Air Dept., MTV Networks Europe.
    Finding unusual contributors and setting up shooting schedule for 10 short and quirky promos featuring members of the public who are passionate about hit music. Sept. - Oct.'97

    PRISON WEEKLY, BBC Community Programmes
    6 x 30' series. Magazine programmes on life in prisons. July - Aug.'97

    and much more...


    Bournemouth University, England - 1995 to 1996
    PG Dip in Television Production

    Scholarship to University of Oslo, Norway - 1990
    Theatre Studies Foundation
    Media and Communications to M.Phil. level - 1992 to 1995 (II.1)
    Transferred to Bournemouth MA

    Trinity College Dublin - 1986 to 1990
    Bachelor of Arts in Modern English and Psychology (II.1)

    Other training:
    Oslo Film and TV Academy - Spring 1993
    Programme Production, six-month evening course (II.1)

    Secondary School:
    Loreto College Dublin, Ireland - 1981 to 1986
    Higher level: French (B), German (B), Irish (B), History (B), Physics (C), Maths (C), English (C)

    Industry Qualifications

    Media and Communications to M.Phil. level - 1992 to 1995 (II.1)
    PGdip in Television Production Bournemouth University, England - 1995 to 1996 (II.1)
    Other training:
    Oslo Film and TV Academy - Spring 1993 Programme Production, 6-month evening course (II.1)

    Additional industry training:
    BBC Safeguarding Trust Modules - June 2008
    BBC Health and Safety training - 1998
    Public order and riot training, 1999 (for filming in hazardous environments), BBC + Met. Police
    DSR 570 filming/directing - DV Talent/Skillset 2003
    Final Cut Pro, a comprehensive study - Soho Editors, March 2008.




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    Can edit on Final Cut

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