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    A versatile and highly skilled Edit Producer, Producer/Director and Studio Producer with over 15 years' solid experience of production, including overseas location work (USA, Japan, Europe) and edit producing across a wide range of factual and fact/ent genres for the major broadcasters (BBC1 & C4).

    Extremely organised, I can be utterly relied on to hit the ground running, assimilate a brief and produce entertaining and informative content.

    My most recent credit as Edit Producer includes My Floating Home (Windfall), a co-production for Canadian and US broadcasters and C4 (TX 2016), a new build series following the construction of these revolutionary waterborne homes. Last year I worked as Edit Producer on Posh Pawnbrokers (Boomerang) for Channel 4, a spin-off of its hit series Posh Pawn. The role involved producing engaging stories on a group of pawnbrokers and the varied clientele and items which pass through their doors. Other credits include A Place in the Sun (Freeform Productions) for Channel 4, where I worked across multiple edits of this 47' formatted show; Escape to the Country (Boundless Productions) for BBC1, where I produced 30' cutdowns (from 45') of two series helping city dwellers fulfil their dream of moving to the country, and Extreme Homes (Pioneer TV) for US channel HGTV, where I produced hour-long episodes of this high-impact series on the most extreme architecture around the world.

    As a P/D I have extensive experience of single camera overseas shoots, including the USA, Japan and Europe (Russia, Turkey, Italy, Balearics etc), filming in a wide range of locations, from club nights in busy European tourist hot spots to the Nevada desert. I have negotiated access in tricky situations, (from the USA to Russia), sourced (and interviewed) personalities and celebs and worked to get the best out of members of the public and presenters alike.

    As a Studio Producer I have worked on a diverse range of 'as live' programmes: in addition to producing weekly shows for Thomas Cook TV, highlights include producing a cultural review show featuring a host and studio pundits (Tell Me Where to Go), a panel show with a host and studio guests (Ask Us), and a listings show with presenter and feature inserts (What's On) - all for London TV. I also devised and produced six half-hour cruise shows (Imagine Cruising) for a range of commercial channels (for ETV Media). I am calm and unflappable in the gallery, able to think on my feet, adapting scripts and working with presenters to bring shows in on time.

    I have strong writing skills, and work fast and efficiently in response to a brief to make programmes the best they can be. I speak fluent Italian and have a good command of French and Spanish. I work well under pressure, and thrive in a busy production environment.

    I am seeking fresh challenges as EP, PD, Gallery Producer or Series Producer.



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    My Floating Home - Windfall Films , United Kingdom
    2016 - Edit Producer
    A new build series charting the construction of these revolutionary new waterborne homes, from conception through to launch.

    Posh Pawnbrokers - Boomerang , United Kingdom
    2015 - Edit Producer
    A brand new obs doc series for Channel 4, along the lines of its hit series Posh Pawn.

    A Place in the Sun Home or Away - Freeform Productions , United Kingdom
    2014 - Edit Producer
    The property search programme helping people with a dilemma of whether to buy in the UK or abroad.

    Escape to the Country - Boundless Productions , United Kingdom
    2013 - Edit Producer
    I worked on cutdowns of two series of this show for BBC1, reversioning 45' shows into 30'.

    A Place in the Sun (Wintersun) - Freeform Productions , Unspecified
    2013 - Edit Producer
    I have recently worked as Edit Producer on A Place in the Sun (Wintersun) for Channel 4, where I was scripting 47' episodes of this long-running series helping people find their dream place abroad. The role involved working across multiple edits to tight deadlines.

    Extreme Homes - Pioneer TV , USA
    2012 - Edit Producer
    Producing hour-long episodes on two series of this highly popular programme profiling the most 'out there' concepts in home design - and their owners - for US network, HGTV.

    Imagine Cruising, Fiver, various - ETV Media , United Kingdom
    2011 - Producer
    Produced eight half-hour travel shows for broadcast on a number of channels including Fiver. In addition to script writing and gallery producing, I produced all feature inserts and handled Clearcast clearance.

    Thomas Cook TV, Sky 645 - ETV Media Group , United Kingdom
    2010 - Senior Producer
    Thomas Cook TV ran for almost ten years on Sky channel 645. In addition to directing overseas shoots, I produced weekly studio shows and feature inserts, and worked to ensure all elements were compliant and ready for broadcast.

    What's On, Tell Me Where to Go, Ask Us, Sky - London TV , United Kingdom
    2005 - Series Producer
    Produced London TV's flagship listings show, What's On, covering events in the capital, from festivals to gallery openings and shows. I produced the cultural review show, Tell Me Where to Go, featuring Mike McClean and three studio pundits (Piers Hernu, Tessa Dunlop, Michael Holden). I also produced the panel-style phone-in show, Ask Us, hosted by Craig Stevens and assisted by a panel of experts and studio guests.

    EndZone, Bravo - TWI/Gamer TV , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    EndZone was a 10-part series on the crossover between sports-based videogames and the real world of sports. I produced & directed two episodes of this series.

    Evolver, Discovery Asia - TWI/Gamer TV , Unspecified
    2003 - Producer/Director
    Evolver was a series on developments in technology relating to the world of film and entertainment. It involved signficant overseas travel, with shoots in the USA and Japan, where I interviewed a wide variety of subjects, from game developers and animators to stunt men and an academic at UCLA. I produced/directed a number of features that were used in the series.


    Employment History

    I have recently finished working as edit producer on Posh Pawnbrokers (Boomerang for Channel 4), a spin-off of its hit series Posh Pawn; the series follows a group of pawnbrokers and the varied clients that come through their doors.

    Prior to that I worked as edit producer at Freeform Productions, where I produced 47' episodes of A Place in the Sun (both Home or Away and Wintersun) for Channel 4, the property search programme helping couples find their dream property abroad, or in the case of Home or Away, torn between choosing a property in the UK or abroad. I was working across multiple edits to tight deadlines.

    I also worked as edit producer at Boundless Productions, where I produced new 30' versions of its long-running property show, Escape to the Country for BBC1.

    I spent six months edit producing at Pioneer TV on Extreme Homes (for US network HGTV). I worked on two series of the 60' hit show featuring the most extraordinary homes - and their owners - from around the world and the stories behind them.
    I have also produced corporate video for online and promotional use at IHS, a city-based corporation, where in addition to setting up global shoots, I sourced all crew, oversaw edits and advised on production values.

    Sep 2005 - May 2010:  Deputy Director of Programmes (formerly Producer) for Thomas Cook TV (run by ETV Media), a channel which ran for almost 10 years on Sky. My responsibilities included Iocation producing/directing, edit producing features, writing scripts for studio, signing off edits, outputting shows and ensuring all aspects of production were ready for broadcast. My role also involved forward planning, team management and compliance issues. Location work involved filming resort areas and hotels, as well as sourcing contributors on the ground. It also involved filming a number of presenter-led features.

    Jan - Aug 2005: Series Producer, Enteraction, working at London TV, a channel set up to promote and reflect all aspects of London's cultural scene. Responsibilities included producing three studio shows: What's On, the flagship entertainment listings show, with packages ranging from red carpet events to gallery openings, West End shows and festivals; Tell Me Where to Go, a cultural review programme featuring a critique of exhibitions, theatre and restaurants and Ask Us, a panel-based show with studio guests and phone-ins. The role included managing a team, writing scripts, gallery producing, setting up shoots, overseeing edits, and extensive liaision with presenters and guests.

    2002 - 31 Aug 2004: Senior Assistant Producer at TWI's Gamer TV. Responsibilities included producing features for magazine-style factual entertainment series, Evolver, a 10 x 30' factual entertainment series on entertainment technology (from special effects in major motion pictures to developments in animation and experimental film-making) for Discovery Asia. The role involved extensive overseas travel, with shoots in the USA and Japan, where I covered interviews with leading videogame developers and animators in Japan and Hollywood; I also worked on two episodes of  EndZone, a 10 x 30' documentary series on the crossover between sports and videogames,  which aired on Bravo, and three episodes of Tenplay, a 10 x 30' chart-style documentary series. Responsibilities included directing shoots, directing edits, sourcing archive footage and writing scripts.

    Apr 2000 - 2002: Assistant Producer at Network of the World (NOW), working on videogames-relating production. Responsibilities included setting up shoots, sourcing guests and writing scripts for flagship studio show, Gamer and daily news show Heads Up.

    Highlights included the production of 30' cover-mount videos for the following publications: Official Xbox Magazine, Cube Magazine and PC Gamer. I was also involved in Gamer's coverage of the Interactive BAFTA awards in 2000 and for coordinating the production of VT inserts for use in a Gamer.tv Interactive BAFTA award special.

    1995-2000: Editor, Travel Industry Digest.
    Responsible for writing Travel Industry Digest, a leading weekly travel trade business publication, managing subscriptions and producing ad hoc publications and promotions.



    University of Birmingham: BA Hons. Italian 2:1

    Wycombe High School: 9 O Levels (5 As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs)
    3 A Levels (French A, Music A, Italian B.)

    Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, with a Diploma in Translation from Italian to English.

    Industry Qualifications

    BA Hons. Italian (University of Birmingham) 2:1.
    Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation (Merit) from Italian to English.

    Technical Equipment

    I have recently completed a one-day workshop on using the Canon XF 305, having trained some time ago to operate a PD150.


    Susie Staples (maternity cover for Amy Gelber)
    Series Producer, A Place in the Sun, Freeform Productions
    07801 760604

    Elly Brocklehurst
    Series Producer, Escape to the Country, Boundless Productions
    01494 733 506

    Bernice Daly
    Series Producer, Extreme Homes, Pioneer TV
    Tel. 07968 543481

    Tom Lenham - formerly Director of Programmes at Thomas Cook TV. tomlenham@me.com
    Tel. 07786 017097

    Mark Cullen - Chief Executive, ETV Media.
    Tel. 020 7820 4470


    Location directing: I have extensive experience of location work, having directed camera crews in the USA, Japan and Europe both with and without presenters. Clear in my direction, I am visually creative and know what is needed in the edit in terms of getting the shots and sound bites needed to bring a story to life.

    Edit producing: I have extensive experience of edit producing, and working with editors to produce both long and short-form features. I work well to a brief and am able to hit the ground running, and work fast and efficiently to make the best use of footage to produce content that is entertaining, informative and stimulating. I can be utterly relied on to get on with things, whether it's hunting down missing rushes, or fact checking. In addition to producing insert packages and long-form editorial shows, work has included the production of cutdown versions (reversioning two series of Escape to the Country from 45' to 30' for BBC1).

    Gallery producing: I work well with presenters, enabling them to excel and to bring scripts to life. I am able to think on my feet, and enjoy the buzz of a gallery environment, working to bring shows in to time and adapting scripts as required.

    Working with contributors: I have sourced contributors on location for a number of years, and am expert at engaging with them and getting the best out of them on camera.

    Team management:  I am experienced in managing and motivating production teams of APs, P/Ds and editors, assigning work among the team and mentoring junior colleagues. Responsibilities have included checking scripts for content and accuracy and signing off edits and shows.

    Organisation: A natural multi-tasker, I have excellent organisational and forward-planning skills, working across multiple edits, planning shows and shoots for the weeks ahead, and organising studio and edit schedules. I thrive under pressure, producing work in a fast-turnaround environment that is on time and to budget.


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