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    Recent experience with Avid Adrenaline, Media Composer,Express, ind linear Sony 9100, Digital Betacam, IMX, Snell & Wilcox Golden Dave vision mixer, Yamaha O2R and 1000. I attended the BECTU FCP intermediate course in the summer, have had recent 'real' experience with it and am currently learning all the other elements of Final Cut Studio 2.


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    2010 Laser World Championships - Sunset & Vine APP for BBC Sport , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor (Online)
    Editing sailing race footage on FCP for live transmission less than 1 hour after event.

    Various Live Transmissions - BT Vision , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor
    Vision/Sound mixer in live gallery, plus, on occasion, post-match Avid on-line edit for BBC Sport On-line

    Omnisport TV - Perform , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor
    Programme assembly of daily magazine from rough-cut sequences, refining, mixing, graphics and playout; Avid on-line.

    Trailers - British Eurosport , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor
    Programme trailers and versions including graphics pass and voice-overs.

    Various Corporate Videos - Various , United Kingdom
    2010 - Editor
    Corporate and Medical Videos for clients such as Castrol, Damart International, Vickers Medical, Doulton, Cadbury, Yorkshire Electricity, MSC, Boots Medical...

    Various Sports Documentaries - ESPN Classic , United Kingdom
    2009 - Editor
    Various 52' and 26' documentaries on sporting themes including 'Lisbon Lions', 'The Season', 'Classic Matches', 'Strikers'. Avid off/on-line.

    Western Union World Football - CSI Sports , United Kingdom
    1995 - Editor
    Weekly 26' magazine programme, Avid off-line programme segments and linear on-line programme assembly including regional variants and graphics pass.

    European Football Show - CSI Sports , United Kingdom
    2005 - Editor
    Weekly 52' programme, cutting programme segments and final programme assembly including voice-over and graphics pass.

    TV Travel Shop - Pearson Television , United Kingdom
    1999 - Editor
    Programme inserts on-line Avid

    Trailers - Pearson Television , United Kingdom
    1999 - Editor
    Programme Trailers for Bravo, Challenge, Living, TV Travel Shop; linear on-line

    Trailers - Living , United Kingdom
    1998 - Editor
    Programme Trailers linear on-line, 60" and 30" + versioning

    Wish You Were Here? - Thames Television , United Kingdom
    1998 - Editor (Offline)
    Programme segments on Avid off-line then linear on-line conform.

    2,500+ TV Commercials - Various , United Kingdom
    1995 - Editor
    Linear on-line of local and regional TV commercials.


    Employment History

    Avid and linear on-line and Avid off-line for BT Vision, ESPN, Perform, Thames TV programming, inc. "Wish You Were Here...?", "This Is Your Life" and linear on-line for programmes, inserts and on-screen promotions for a variety of producers including Hartswood Films, "Kilroy". Sports programmes especially football "Strikers", "The Season", "Lisbon Lions" for ESPN, CSI programming inc. "Western Union World Football", FA Cup, Premier League, "European Football Show". Plus corporate documentaries, medical TV, and over 3,500 commercials.


    Open University 1979-86 B.A.(Open)
    Plymouth College of Art & Design 1972-5 Diploma in Design

    Industry Qualifications

    BECTU FCP Intermediate 2008
    Ravensbourne Advanced After Effects 2008
    BBC Final Cut Pro conversion course 2006
    Avid Training Course 1995
    BBC Training Digital Workshop 1994

    Technical Equipment

    Avid, FCP, Sony Linear, Golden Dave/ GVG100/GVG200 Vision Mixers, Yamaha sound desks/ Digi-Beta/IMX.


    Currently learning Final Cut Studio 2

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