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Experienced producer/director with two key skills: I can shape stories so that they become exciting and memorable and I can use pictures and sound to tell those stories in a clear and interesting way.  

I am versatile but I specialise in science and history and have a long list of major broadcaster credits in these areas. My work combines visual innovation with strong storylines and structure . My production methods are flexible; I make programmes on budget and I relish the production opportunities created by new technology.

I am used to working with celebrities as well as eminent scientists and artists but my overriding concern as a progamme maker is to maintain the interest of the audience. I work to make visually imaginative programmes with well constructed plots, frequently interleaving elements of humour with serious content.

 Please do have a look at my showreel below.

Employment History

(for full list in colour see my CV )

Starkey's Monarchy:
The Glorious Revolution

The House of Windsor
David Starkey's Monarchy, Series III.
How the Dutch invaded England and saved
the constitution. Follwed by a 90 minute
Christmas special on the Monarchy and the media.
"Unfussy, thoughtful, superb television" (The Times).
Granada for Channel 4.

Dark Enlightenment
Michael Burleigh's lament for the loss of God.
Blakeway Productions for More 4.

Rogue Trader (An Indian Affair, Episode 1)
How British businessmen took over India.
Takeaway Media for Channel 4

Cold Fusion
The funniest Horizon ever made.
BBC Horizon, co-produced with NOVA, WGBH Boston.

What If?: President King
America's first black president.
Barraclough Carey for Discovery Channel

Wheeling and Dealing (The Day The World Took Off, Episode 2)
The appalling rise of the consumer world.
Windfall Films for Channel 4

What Einstein Never Knew
American TV host, David Letterman,said that it must have been about hair care.
BBC Horizon, WGBH Boston.

Ships of Fortune (The Day The World Took Off, Episode 3)
Windfall Films for Channel 4.

The Hammer of the World
The story of a mad medieval emperor.
SDR in Stuttgart, in coproduction with BBC Worldwide.

The Circles of Light (Strange Landscape, Episode 5)
A reconstruction of Dante's journey through Hell.
BBC Religion.

Taking the Credit
Skulduggery behind the discovery of the AIDS virus.
BBC Horizon.

Changes (In Your Dreams, Episode 1)
Dreams and Dreamers.
Diverse Production for Channel Four.

Inspiration (In Your Dreams, Episode 2)
Dreams and Dreamers.
Diverse Production for Channel Four.

The Transmission of Roger Bacon
Michael Culver as an irascible monk
BBC Timewatch

The Evolving Soul
The diversity of creation, spirituality
and the problem of evil.
BBC Religion.

With Jonathan Dimbleby,
BBC Documentary Features.

The Hope of Progress
A biography of Sir Peter Medawar,
BBC Horizon.

Are computers capable of doing it?
BBC Horizon.

Heloise and Abelard:
A Twelfth-Century Love Story
(Profile Books, November 2003;
Harper Collins SanFrancisco, December 2004)
Dante's Invention (History Press 2011)


Degree: Mathematics and Philosophy

Subject Specialisms: The main thing I have learned is how to hone and polish a good narrative. My background in maths enables me quickly to come to grips with most scientific stories. In addition, the experience I have of writing books and making programmes about history, as well as my ability with narrative, qualifies me well for work in history.

Industry Qualifications

BBC Film Directing course
BBC Drama course
BBC Safety course

Langauges: fluent French, working German
and Italian; I read Latin.

I have a high level of computer literacy and can shoot sequences myself as well as edit on FCP


Alex Gardiner, Creative Director ITV Studios, 020 7843 8000
Denys Blakeway, Blakeway Productions, 020 8743 2040

Industry Awards

Additional Information


  • TV

Programme Types

  • Arts, 
  • Biography, 
  • Development, 
  • Documentary, 
  • Drama Reconstruction, 
  • Dramatised Documentary, 
  • Health, 
  • Historical Documentary, 
  • Natural History, 
  • Religion, 
  • Science


  • Archaeology, 
  • Architecture, 
  • Art, 
  • Art History, 
  • Arts, 
  • Ecology, 
  • Engineering, 
  • Genetics, 
  • History, 
  • Languages, 
  • Literature, 
  • Maths, 
  • Paleontology, 
  • Philosophy, 
  • Religion, 
  • Science, 
  • Technology, 
  • Writing


  • French, 
  • German, 
  • Italian, 
  • Latin


  • Basic Driving (PLG)