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    I am ridiculously hard working, stupidly determined and a tenacious terrier of a development producer and head of development. While most others say that they can't, I say that I can. Passionate, professional and capable of working under pressure. I believe in the holy grail of programme making, in that programmes should have everything! They should be exciting, funny, dramatic, touching and intelligent.  Sadly a lot of tv isnt reflecting this.
    From Ultimate Dealers to Britain's Nightmare Tenants to Mike Tyson and Submarine Rescue, I believe in populist storytelling style which grabs the audience's and commissioner's attention. That is why I excited by Pulse they have an edge and excitement to them which in my hands would give them a real advantage in the room. They are exactly what I've been looking for. I am a proven self-starter who is 100 percent committed to the success of anything I'm involved with. I love originating and developing new ideas, writing killer pitches, cutting great tasters and thinking of new and fresh ways to tell stories and generate ideas. To me television is more than just a "lifestyle" and a "career", it is something that I believe in, am passionate about and love doing. 


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    Science of Stupid - iwc media , Unspecified
    2015 - Development Producer
    National Geographic series 15 parts with Richard Hammond as presenter.
    Crazy you tube stunts that went wrong. What is the science behind them and what could they have done to have been successul

    Ultimate dealers - Iwc media , Unspecified
    2015 - Development Producer
    Formatted series for shoulder slot on C4. The crazy world of del boy dealers who'll buy and sell anything for a profit, especially bankrupted and liquidated stock

    Brtiaind Benefit Tenants - IWC media , Unspecified
    2015 - Development Producer
    Cutting Edge that went to series . Documentary with a current affairs slant.

    Looking at benefit and problem tenants in the private sector.

    Insane Fight Club - Iwc media , Unspecified
    2015 - Development Producer
    BBC 1 x 60 Ob doc following the crazy antics of an amateur wrestling federation in Glasgow and their fight for success.

    Mike Tyson Pigeon racing - Touch Productions , United Kingdom
    2010 - Development Producer
    Developed from my own idea into a 5 million dollar commission for discovery US.

    - - BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Director
    BBC 3 body image season - Britains Tallest Men
    Idea commissioned from my idea and pitch after winning the BBC Fresh directors iniative and beating 350 other applicants

    - - BBC , United Kingdom
    2007 - Assistant Producer
    BBC 1 9pm Submarine Rescue
    Idea commissioned from my idea and pitch

    - - Ideal World (Glasgow) , United Kingdom
    2007 - Assistant Producer
    2005 Channel4 - Rod Hull - A Bird in the Hand .
    Idea commissioned from my idea and pitch


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