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    My experience as a producer/director encompasses a wide range of factual programming from news and current affairs to U.S. reality television. I specialise in access-driven observational filmmaking, often including very complex legal problems and sensitive ethical issues.

    My credits include programmes and series for Channel 4, Five, BBC 2 and ITV 1. I pride myself in making documentaries with people rather than about them and my programmes have always been well received by the contributors as well as commissioners and  reviewers. 

    For me, being able to see the big picture is the most important asset for a P/D or edit producer, whether that be in creating story arcs or finding a way round production challenges. 


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    TOO FAT FOR 15 - FIGHTING BACK (Series 2) - DAISYBECK PRODUCTIONS , United States of America
    2011 - Edit Producer
    16 x 1 hr reality/observational series for Style Network U.S. set at Wellspring Academy in North Carolina, a residential school for obese teenagers.

    In addition to my role as one of three edit producers, I recruited production team members for the second series and trained shooting APs in interviewing technique and constructing narrative arcs, including training in storytelling without commentary.

    Commissioning Editors Renee Simon, Ruth Rafidi

    This series was also commissioned by WATCH and shown in the U.K. in 2012.

    2011 - Edit Producer
    Style Network U.S. 8 x 1 hr reality/observational series set at Wellspring Academy in North Carolina, a residential school for obese teenagers. This series has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

    Also transmitted on WATCH in the U.K. 2011

    Commissioning Editors Renee Simon, Ruth Rafidi

    BACK TO THE FRONT - XYTV LTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2004 - Series Producer
    4 x 30 history series FOR ITV Leeds featuring Second World War veterans re-living their past experiences

    Commissioning Editor Claire Morrow

    LEARNING TO SURF IN BALI - XYTVLTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2002 - Producer
    Alt TV for Channel 4. First time director Louise Pascale assesses the legacy of Australian tourism on Bali and the effect of its loss after the Bali nightclub bombing

    Commissioning Editor Jess Search

    ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS MESSAGE - XYTVLTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2001 - Producer
    Christmas Day broadcast for Channel 4 with Genelle Guzman, the last person to be rescued from the World Trade Centre.

    PARTNERS IN CRIME  - XYTVLTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2001 - Producer/Director
    3 x 1 hr observational series for Channel 4 based around Nottingham Magistrates' Court and Nottingham's largest firm of criminal lawyers following cases from arrest to sentence. For the first time cameras were allowed to film reconstructed cases in court with all the original parties. Involved securing access to all the agencies within the criminal justice system.

    Commissioning Editor David Lloyd

    NOBODY'S CHILD  - XYTV LTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    2000 - Producer
    One hour observational documentary transmitted as the lead programme in Channel Four's Adoption Season. Followed three eighteen year olds leaving long tern care to find out why the adoption system failed to find them families. Won Royal Television Society Award for Best Adult Education Campaign.
    Commissioning Editor David Lloyd

    SERIOUS RHUBARB - XYTV LTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    1999 - Producer/Director
    Half hour observational documentary for the Picture This strand on BBC 2 which uncovered the mysterious secrets of the Rhubarb Triangle.

    Commissioning Editor: Peter Symes

    HEROIN'S CHILDREN - XYTV LTD , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    1998 - Director
    Half hour documentary in the BBC's Close Up North series looking at the problems of detoxing child heroin addicts. Obtained first-time access into the only child detox centre in England.


    Employment History

    For full details of my production credits please see my attached cv.

    I am currently working as executive producer for The Big Sofa, a searchable multi-platform app which features people filmed in conversation about their lives and preferences.  Previously I worked for more than a year as edit/location producer on Series 2 of Too Fat for 15 - Fighting Back for the Style Network in the U.S.

    I began my career as a  newspaper journalist progressing to local radio at BBC Radio York and then as the first bi media producer for the BBC Leeds political programme North of Westminster.
    I have specialised in access driven documentaries, working  for the former Yorkshire Television in its documentaries department and then for various independent production companies before becoming initially a freelance producer/director for and subsequently chief executive of XYTV Ltd in Leeds.During my time there I produced and directed programmes for Channel 4, Five, ITV and BBC. 

    I then headed the highly successful Broadcasting Degree programme at the University of Leeds. My work there included producing and directing a documentary for the EU Cultural Programme  made over three years and charting the cultural collaboration between Opera North and performers at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. I also raised funding for and produced four outside broadcasts for Opera North.



    Sheffield College - Post graduate Diploma in Journalism

    University of Exeter  BA Hons English

    Peterborough Country Grammar School for Girls - 3 A Levels, 11 A Levels


    Industry Qualifications

    Member by examination of Chartered Institute of  Personnel and Development

    Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism


    Technical Equipment


    Beverley Doyle, Head of Production, Daisybeck Television, 248 Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2HZ

    Tel 0113 262 3342 email beverley.doyle@daisybeckproductions.co.uk


    Industry Awards

    Daytime Emmy nomination for Too Fat for 15 - Fighting Back

    RTS Award for Best Educational; Campaign 2001 for "Nobody's Child, lead programme in Channel 4's Adoption on Trial Season

    RTS Award for Best Regional Programme "Pieces of Parkin" 1996 


    Ability to sync pull and assemble sequences on Avid thereby helping to speed up post production

    Very basic knowledge and limited ability to shoot on Sony A1 camera

    Experienced voice over artist


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