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Major network credits on ob doc, reality, sports and clip shows. Showreels and more info available at www.colincampbell.tv . In the last few years I've been fortunate to have exclusive access to some of the biggest engineering stories in the world.



How Do They Do it - Wag TV , Unspecified
2016 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
Hit technology magazine show for Discovery. Self shot stories in Germany, Poland and the USA on an FS7.

Scammers - TVT , United Kingdom
2015 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
ITV 1 - Victims story and the rise of cyber crime

X-Ray Mega Airport - Voltage , United Kingdom
2014 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
Inner workings of Frankfurt Airport. Self shot on PMW800

Raising the Concordia - Windfall , Unspecified
2014 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
Full story of the refloating of the cruise liner that wrecked off the coast of Italy. Nat Geo and PBS Nova.

Heir Hunters - Flame , United Kingdom
2013 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
BBC1 long running successful daytime series

The Tallest Tower - Building the Shard - Prospect Pictures , United Kingdom
2012 - Producer/Director (Self-shooting)
Exclusive story of Europe"s tallest skyscraper. Sole cameraman shooting the final year of construction. This involved filming at height with crane drivers and abseiling glass fitters.

Gulf Oil Spill - Steadfast Television , USA
2010 - Series Producer
Fast turn around documentary with exclusive access to the Salvors and the US Coastguard as they raced to save survivors and prevent the Deepwater Horizon oil rig from sinking. The show premiered in the US and was a huge hit for the channel becoming one of their Top 3 rating shows of 2010.

Send in the Dogs - Steadfast Television , United Kingdom
2009 - Series Producer
Ob doc series on police dogs and their handlers.

Salvage Code Red - Steadfast Television , Unspecified
2008 - Series Producer
Ground breaking ob doc series about ship salvage. Described by Nat Geo's Exec Director Sydney Suissa as one of the "pillars" of the channels current programming strategy.


Employment History

Credits includes :- Building the Shard, Gulf Oil Spill, Salvage Code Red, Send in the Dogs, Airline, Celebrity Fit Club, It Shouldn't Happen to a Soapstar.

The credits below are listed by genre. 


"STUART MACONIE'S TV TOWNS" - ITV - Producer /Director - Hamma and Glamma - Presenter led history programme based on famous TV locations.

"NATURAL BORN DEALERS" - Channel 4 - Producer / Director - Leopard Films - Daytime antiques challenge for amateur dealers. 4 x 1 hrs self-shot on DSR570.

"SPEED UP SLOW DOWN" - BBC2 - Producer / Director - Stressed out individuals are taught how to manage their time. Partly self-shot on PD150.

"SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY" - BBC1 -Producer / Director - Pilot for a primetime BBC factual series. Commissioned as an 8 part series with the pilot transmitted. Partly self-shot on DSR500 and VX2000.

"FAT CHANCE" - ITV 1 Daytime - Producer / Director - Maverick TV - Two fat families compete for a luxury holiday by losing weight. Ob doc elements self-shot on a PDX10.

"I"M A CELEBRITY - GET ME OUT OF HERE 2" - ITV Edit Producer - LWT Factual - BAFTA Award winning reality show in which celebs have to survive in the Australian jungle.

"CELEBRITY FIT CLUB" - ITV Producer/Director - LWT Factual - Series following eight fat celebs as they battle to lose weight. I made 2 episodes including the one that featured the sacking of Rik Waller.

"HOLIDAY AIRLINE" - ITV - Producer / Director - LWT Factual - Documentary series following a summer with charter airline Monarch. We followed the holiday makers abroad to see what they get up to away from home.

"AIRLINE" - ITV Producer / Director - LWT Factual - Prime time ob doc series on Easyjet. At the time the most popular Factual series on TV.

"IBIZA UNCOVERED 2" - SKY 1 - Producer/Director - LWT Factual - An hour long documentary for the new series about Europe's number one party island.


"IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN ON A TV TALENT SHOW" - ITV Producer/Director -Granada Factual - A light hearted clip show looking at the perils of appearing on a talent show. Transmitted on a Saturday night to an audience of 7.2 million and ratings of over 30%.

"STARS DRESSING BADLY" - ITV - Producer/Director - LWT Factual - One hour special looking at the fashion blunders of the rich and famous. An archive based clip show whose audience peaked at 40%.

"WHEN TV GETS TOUGH" - ITV - Edit Producer - LWT Factual - A one hour clip show examining those explosive moments when TV interviews get out of control.

"IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A SOAPSTAR" - ITV - Producer / Director - LWT Factual - A fun clip show about the dangers of being a soapstar. Transmitted on a Saturday night to an audience of over 9 million and ratings of over 39%.

"MOVIE CLUB" - BBC UK Arena - Producer/Director - BBC Music & Arts -Three minute film previews presented by Tony Parsons.


"RACING RIVALS" - Channel 4 - Edit Producer - Vertical Productions - Behind the scenes with the star drivers of the British Touring Car Championship.

"MARTINI WORLD CIRCUIT" - Series Producer - Sunset and Vine - Weekly motorsport show focusing on star drivers' lifestyles that transmitted all over the world. I managed a team of four directors.

"SPORTSWEEK ON 5" - Channel 5 - Producer / Director - Sunset + Vine - An hour and a half of highlights of the best sporting action on Channel 5. The presenter's links were shot in a virtual studio.

"SPORTS TALK" - Channel 5 - Producer - Sunset + Vine - A half hour chat show where the big names discuss what's going on in the sporting headlines.

"THE FEDEX CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES" - Channel 5 - Producer - Sunset +Vine - Highlights of the latest Champ Car racing, with a live studio introduction and end of race analysis.


"WATERCITY" - Producer / Director - Steadfast TV - 9 films on the regeneration of East London. The main programme was a 30 min doc shot in High Definition with CGI. Partly self-shot on Z1 on HDV.

CLUB SEAT UK - Vertical Productions - Director/Cameraman - Behind the scenes at the British Touring car championships with the Seat Team. 

Various campaigns as a Director and Cameraman including - Capgemini, BT Internet, Holiday Inn and Topshop


"DISNEY CHANNEL LIVE" - Producer / Studio Director - Buena Vista - Live interactive afternoon show.

"PITCH, HIT + RUN" - Channel 5 - Producer / Director - Sunset + Vine -A light hearted children's baseball show, featuring all the news from the USA and coaching sessions at schools around the country.

GMTV - Director - Half term VT's with Mr Motivator

EARLY CAREER - pre 1998

"CHALLENGE TV PRIZETIME" - Producer/Studio + VT Director - The Foundation - The satellite Game Show station where viewers play phone versions of TV favourites for top prizes.

GMTV - Output Producer (Freelance)- Breakfast television with Eamonn Holmes.

"LIVE TV" - The Mirror's Cable Station - Shows worked on included :-
"ERIC'S MONSTER SPORT SHOW" - Producer - An off the wall Saturday sports show fronted by the famous soccer agent Eric Hall.
"PIN MONEY" - Producer - A Tenpin Bowling programme that toured bowling centres around the country. Presented by Richard Bacon.

"THE WEEKEND SHOW" - BBC1 - Associate Producer - Planet 24 - A light hearted look at the events of the week and the extraordinary people who have been in the news. Presented by Dale Winton, Daley Thompson and Liza Tarbuck.

"THE CAPE TO CAPE CHALLENGE" CITV - Assistant Producer - Back To Back Television - World record attempting car race from the southern most part of Spain to the north tip of Norway.

"CAPITAL WOMAN" - Carlton Television - Researcher - Mentorn Films - Daytime magazine show presented by Anneka Rice.

"HEIL HERBIE" - Channel 4 Without Walls - Researcher - Domino Films - Medal Winner - International Film & TV Festival of New York - Arts documentary contrasting the current cult status of the VW with it's Nazi origins.

"GLORIA" - BBC1 - Researcher - Daily studio issues show with Gloria Hunniford

"BENNY HILL - CLOWN IMPERIAL" - BBC Omnibus - Researcher - Saffron Productions - Arts documentary on the world famous comedian.

"THE FRANK BOUGH INTERVIEW" - Sky News - Researcher - Daily current affairs chat show

"WATCHDOG" - BBC1 - Researcher - Consumer magazine

Technical Equipment

DSR 500
PD 150/170
VX 2000
Final Cut pro ( working knowledge )
Avid (working knowledge )


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