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    Cutting Edge; Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder, C4  (Grierson nominated)  -  Grand Designs, C4 (RTS nominated)  -  Iraq The Hidden Story, C4  -  Wife Swap USA, ABC.  
    I've shot in remote locations around the world, in semis and council estates up and down the country and in a few war zones.   I've made high rating, single documentaries and popular factual series for British and US broadcasters.
    I regularly work with camera crews that I've known for 10+ years, have self-shot films alone over many months and managed large multi camera productions.
    Over the past few years I've spent a lot of time originating and developing new documentary ideas.  In the last 2 years I've developed 3 documentary projects for C4 that have all earned prime time commissions.


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    THE AUCTION HOUSE - PILOT EPISODE - Dragonfly / C4 , United Kingdom
    2013 - Producer/Director
    Developed and produced from original idea. This pilot episode (now commissioned series) enters the world of Chelsea's best loved auction house 'Lots Road Auctions'. It takes a look inside the Chelsea bubble with the help of some extraordinary characters - TX 2014.
    COMPLAINERS DEVELOPMENT - In tandem with 'Sold In Chelsea' I developed 'Complainers', a series that explores the brave new world of complaint handling teams across the UK.
    Both project are for Nick Mirsky and both gained series commissions.

    Cutting Edge: Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder - RDF , United Kingdom
    2012 - Producer/Director
    Channel 4's highest rating documentary of the year, nominated for a Grierson.

    "... this documentary proves just how moving and meaningful this kind of story can be if told with a degree of sympathy and intelligence...Tender, insightful and ultimately transcendent, this comes highly recommended." Time Out.

    The story was found, developed and commissioned independently. The film focuses on the life of extreme hoarder Richard Wallace and his relationship with the residents of Surrey's picture perfect Westcott Village.

    "This absorbing documentary is as much a study of English village life as it is of defiant Wallace's health-threatening habits." Sunday Telegraph.

    Due to popular demand the story continues... OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE HOARDER 2 - Richard Wallace continues to battle his demons and rebuild his life with Neighbour, Andy Honey, and the people of Westcott Village.

    "... perhaps in the end the programme is not about Wallace, but about our reaction to a debilitating illness" The Times.

    LAST MAN STANDING - WATER BUFFALO - BBC (BBC & Discovery co-pro) , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    "Six young men take on the challenge of a lifetime - to travel the world and compete against the most remote tribes on earth at their own sports". In this film they visits the remote island of Sambawa, Indonesia, to take part in the ancient sport of water buffalo racing! This project involved managing a cast and crew of over 20 with 3 crews working in tandem... and shooting on high speed 16mm film!

    IRAQ: THE HIDDEN STORY - Zenith / Channel 4 , United Kingdom
    2006 - Producer/Director
    Jon Snow travels to Baghdad to discover why we are so profoundly disconnected from the real Iraq. Combing interviews with the likes of Rageh Omaar and Robert Fisk with previously unseen archive, the film explores the relationship between the reported news and the reality of what's happening on the ground.

    FIDDLES, CHEATS & SCAMS - ITV Current Affairs , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director
    Prime time series for ITV1 looking at a range of fraud cases that have hit the headlines in recent years. Including the lorry driver who tried to sell the Ritz for £250 million and the fake celebrity chef who learned to cook in prison. Mixing interviews with drama reconstruction.

    WIFE SWAP USA - RDF Media (NY Office) / ABC , United States of America
    2005 - Producer/Director
    A right wing military family from Kentucky
    swap with left wing Minnesotan peace

    GRAND DESIGNS ABROAD - Talk Back Thames / Channel 4 , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    Two films about very different projects in southern Spain. The series opened with the modernist Malaga build and the controversy caused by its colourful walls. (RTS nominated series).

    WORLD'S TOUGHEST TRIBES - GUYANA - Ricochet , United Kingdom
    2008 - Producer/Director
    Modern anthropological series. This film meets the Vaqueros of Guyana, South America. These Amerindian people are the original cowboys who live and work in exactly the same way their ancestors did over 400 years ago.

    FROM ROCK TO RING - Exposure (Advertising Agency) , United Kingdom
    2010 - Producer/Director
    Following the story of a diamond from the world's richest mine in northern Botswana, through sorting in Gabarone, grading in Antwerp to Jewellery design in Milan. Told through the people; miners, polishers and designers that are involved in a diamond's journey.

    PRINCIPAL VOICES - CNN , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    Flag ship series, made in conjunction with Time and Fortune magazines, meeting the world's leading visionaries. This set of films focuses on the work of 'Social Entrepreneurs', and their efforts to empower disadvantaged communities. Shooting in Rwanda, Nepal and San Francisco, the brief was to create 3 x 90 second 'commercials' plus a documentary. Reaching a global audience of over 200 Million.

    TV IRAQI STYLE - ITN Factual / More 4 - Discovery US , United Kingdom
    2006 - Producer/Director
    Iraq: The Bloody Circus season concludes with this exclusive insight into the TV revolution of post-Saddam Iraq. Following the struggles facing Iraqi crews and the new celebrities making it big in Baghdad. (Screened at the Curzon Cinema Soho 2007 & Dubai 2008).

    MEGA SLUMS - LAGOS - Commissioned by CH4 News , United Kingdom
    2007 - Producer/Director
    A special report about the rapid urbanisation of the planet. The film visits the slums of Lagos, the fastest growing city in the world, to show the human cost of massive population growth. (The film is currently being re-cut this for the documentary festival circuit.)

    BOSS SWAP USA - RDF Media (LA Office) / ABC (US) , United States of America
    2004 - Producer/Director
    The successful Wife Swap format is applied to the business world, as two businesses from LA enjoy the 'swap' experience.

    GRAND DESIGNS Series IV - Talk Back Thames / Channel 4 , United Kingdom
    2004 - Producer/Director
    This film follows an experimental oak framed
    build in Scotland, which of course goes
    disastrously wrong! (Achieved highest ever
    ratings 5.9m).

    THE REAL 4400 - Unique TV / Sky 1 & International distribution , Unspecified
    2005 - Producer/Director
    Authored documentary exploring the alien abduction phenomenon. A scientific investigation into the subject, meeting scientists (including Prof Brian Cox), researchers and 'abductees' from
    across the globe. Distributed internationally with Paramount's Emmy nominated drama 'The 4400'.

    MUGGED (First Edition) - ZKK , United Kingdom
    1999 - Producer/Director
    Documentary looking at the dramatic rise of
    street crime in London. The film follows Lambeth
    Police's efforts to confront the muggers head
    on and interviews both victims and offenders.

    WHO'S HOT ... WHO'S NOT (Metroland) - Carlton Television / ITV1 , United Kingdom
    2000 - Producer/Director
    The film explores our celebrity obsessed culture through the work of the paparazzi.
    Meeting the players who cut the deals with the
    mags and the lads on the street getting the
    snaps. (Made into a BBC3 series, and a
    celebrity of Darryn Lyons - 'The King of Paps').



    BA (Hons) Media Production
    Specialist area - 16mm Film Production

    Industry Qualifications

    Completed hostile environmental training with Pilgrim Security Services.
    Attended a series of Channel4 and Carlton TV documentary master classes.
    Trained in PSC Directing at Granada Television.
    Awarded 'Advanced Production Safety' certificate.
    Completed BBC's Health and Safety training.
    Selected for Edinburgh International Television Festival 'TV25 Delegate' fast track scheme.
    Selected for Carlton TV's Metroland Documentary Scheme.

    Industry Awards

    Greierson Nominated 2012

    TRIC Award Winner

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